Families Finding Faith

Are you wondering where the young families are in your parish? Are you thinking about how you can invite and welcome these families into your congregation?


Families Fiflower girlnding Faith is a training event tailored and delivered to YOUR parish or group of parishes. It is aimed at those churches who currently have no, or just a few young families in their congregations. It would also be useful for churches that do have a number of young families but feel they could be doing more! It is planned to take approximately two hours and will be delivered by Sara Brown, the Children’s Adviser.

the event will give you up to date information about families today; their issues and needs. It will also help you to consider a biblical view of the familiy. You will be helped to think about the families who live in your parish and to assess how far your church is currently meeting their needs. There will be guidance about what you could do next, both as short and long term strategies.

Finally we will consider how the forming and maintaining of relationships is central to helping each family member to respond to the Gospel. We will explore some ways that this could happen where you are.

Please download the leaflet attached to this article to see how your church could get involved with Families Finding Faith.

Families Finding Faith leaflet1