Religious Education (RE)

The  Agreed Syllabus for Derbyshire (2014-2019) has to be followed by Voluntary Controlled schools in Derbyshire. Likewise, in Derby City, Voluntary Controlled schools have to follow the Derby City Agreed Syllabus (2015-2020). In Voluntary Aided schools it is the responsibility of the governing body to decide on the syllabus for RE. However, the Board of Education recommends that VA schools also follow the Agreed Syllabus.

To help Derbyshire schools with their long term planning for RE there are a few exemplar plans here which will work in a variety of mixed age classes:

Year 1/2      Year 3/4    Year 5/6    Key Stage 2      Reception/Year1/Year2

 RE Coordinator’s Training

Each academic year there usually are two RE coordinator’s training sessions.

Our next meeting in Autumn Term 2018  will be looking at how we ensure a balanced RE curriculum and the new Global Neighbours resource produced by Christian Aid. The link above provides the booking form.

In addition to this there will be two extra training events this term- an RE moderation meeting and a refresher course on Understanding Christianity.

RE Coordinator’s Folder

This link will take you to documents which you might find helpful in compiling a subject leader’s folder. These are only exemplars or pro-formas and are offered as a way of support.

RE Competition 2016

Can your school make a short film about what the Lord’s Prayer means to Christians?

Useful Information for RE Coordinators

The Open Centre in Derby can help you arrange a visit to one or more places of worship. They also run a variety of workshops which will support teaching and learning in RE.

Derby Cathedral offer a wide range of educational visits which make for an excellent whole or half day and will enrich your RE curriculum.

REonline is a comprehensive website aimed at teachers and leaders of RE. As well as providing excellent material for professional development, it also acts as a portal to other websites which it deems to be of sufficient good quality.

NATRE (the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education) is the subject teacher association for RE professionals. It works to support those who teach and lead RE. It runs projects, provides teaching material and lobbies on behalf of the subject.

REQM (RE Quality Mark) is an award which recognises outstanding learning in RE. Several of our schools have achieved awards and have really felt the benefit of having to concentrate their efforts in doing so. Most recently these include Stretton Handley VC Primary and Dinting VA Primary who received a Gold award and St Oswald’s VC Infant who were awarded a silver.

RE and Continuing Professional Development Handbook is a very useful website designed for subject for subject leaders and teachers of RE. It covers nine areas: a short history of RE; religious traditions and beliefs; the RE curriculum; approaches to teaching, learning and assessment in RE; leading and managing, resourcing and planning RE; national policy organisations for RE; researching RE; RE and religious studies and theology; schools of a religious character.

Farmington Scholarships for teachers of RE and headteachers. Each year there are scholarships available for anyone interested in out of school study in an area of their choice but connected to RE and spiritual development.