Support during the covid-19 pandemic

Thank you to all you Head Teachers and staff in our schools who have worked so hard and done amazing things in these times. Not only have you kept the education going of the pupils in your care you have also made sure that there have been Signs of Faith, Hope and Love.

Here is a letter of thanks from Bishop Libby to all our schools.

As well as regular emails to all Head Teachers to keep in contact and offer encouragement, the Board of Education is also signposting schools to supportive resources for collective worship both at home and in school, and RE ideas for learning from home.

Do sign up for the weekly communication from the Church of England Foundation for Educational Leadership. This is full of inspiration and resources so do make use of it.

This useful Coping Calendar has some sound advice and ways of managing stressful times such as these.

Sadly, it will be probable that we will have to deal with bereavement in our communities over the next weeks and months. Here is a useful document about having difficult conversations with children produced by Carlisle Diocese. Winstons’s Wish has useful resources for helping schools help children and young people who are coping with the death of a loved one, as does the Board of Education at Birmingham Diocese. However, it is important that we frame our approach to bereavement with the Christian narrative. Resources have been written to do this:

Manchester Diocese Board of Education

St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan Board of Education

Bristol Diocese Board of Education

The Church of England has written a service for marking a funeral that you can’t attend as does Southwark Diocese.

Please also bear in mind that we have a box of hard copy resources available from our office that are available for any school to borrow once schools are open again.

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Memorandum of Understanding between CE and DfE regarding Church schools academies

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