The Board

Derby Diocese Board of Education (DDBE)

The Derby Diocesan Board of Education is a Charitable Company and is the Statutory Board of Education for the Diocese. From 1949 until the end of 2018, there were a large number of members (up to 29) the majority of whom were elected from the deaneries.  Changes in the educational environment meant that we needed a smaller more responsive Board with more technical skills, so the decision was taken to reconstitute the Board and move from a representational model to a skills based model.

Since January 2019, the composition of the Board has been

(1)     The Bishop of Derby (President of the Board)

(2)     Two people nominated by the Bishop

(3)     Between seven and nine people appointed by the Diocesan Synod

(4)     Between one and four people co-opted by the Board.

Members of the Board are also its Trustees and Directors.

The Chairman of the Board is either the Bishop of Derby or someone appointed by the Board in consultation with the Bishop.  The Company Secretary is the Diocesan Director of Education, who (rather confusingly) isn’t a Director or Trustee of the Board.

Current Board Trustees:

 The Venerable Carol Coslett (Archdeacon of Chesterfield) – Chair

Mr Eddie Chambers

Mrs Jane Burrows

Dr David Martin

Mrs Carole Fearria

Rev’d Nicky Fenton

Rev’d Simon White

Mrs Marion Goddard

Canon Jack Cooper

Canon Christine Holmes-Elener

Mrs Fiona Swain