The Board

Derby Diocese Board of Education (DDBE)

Under the Diocesan Board of Education Measure 1991 the DDBE is the statutory Board of Education for the Diocese. The board is incorporated as a charitable company limited by guarantee, the members of the Board being the directors of the company and the Director the Company Secretary. The Bishop of Derby is President of the Board and the Bishop of Repton is Chair of the Board. Members of the board include a representative from each of the 16 Deaneries in the Diocese; 8 co-opted members; and 4 Bishop’s nominees.

The word discipleship is key to the Christian faith. ‘Disciple’ means ‘learner’ and learning – growing in understanding, confidence, imagination and faithfulness – is what we are called to do. All are learners, of course, and learning the truth of this – learning to learn – is a precious feature of childhood. As Church, we have a deep responsibility to enable our young people to grow (and learn) in safety and love.

The Diocesan Board of Education oversees our response to this priority. We enable diocesan children’s and youth work through the network of children’s and youth leaders our officers support and the 2000 or so young people they serve in our parishes and Churches.

But those 2000 are only the tip of the iceberg: there are nearly 15,000 more children (from about 8,000 families) who are involved in worship, learning and Christian living in our 110 schools, sharing that life with approximately 2000 adults who also belong to those communities.

More and more, we are being encouraged to see Church Schools not so much as schools that happen to have some sort of connection with Churches in parishes, but as communities of Church in their own right. As a diocese we are committed to this vision, and as a Board we are committed to making it a reality and to the celebration of faith, hope and love that each of those Christian communities (and all our other work with young people) expresses.


The DBE of the future

Diocesan Boards of Education are evolving. More information can be found in “A Diocesan Board of Education for the Future” (July 2013)