baptismThere are a range of resources that you can use with those who would like their child/children to be baptised.

First Steps is a tried and tested DVD resource produced by CPAS. There is a copy of the DVD in the Resource library if you would like to see it.

We also have a short booklet by Ally Barrett called, “Making the most of your child’s baptism.” This talks through what happens in the service and also gives parents ideas about how to follow up this special service.

In addition to these, Sarah has created a resource for using with families who approach your church wishing children to be Baptised. There are three options within the resource: one is that the preparation takes place around a meal; the second gives you the option of having a pudding evening and the third takes place in the context of some beer-tasting!

If you would like a copy of this resource, please contact Sara who will email you a copy.