Children and Communion

communionDo the children in your church receive Communion alongside the adults?

Canon law allows this to happen where the church has permission form the Bishop. There are a number of protocols and safeguards which need to be in place for this decision to be given. One of them is the important opportunity for all members of the church to air their feelings and discuss what might be long-held beliefs.

Children who are to receive Communion must be prepared properly and then given the chance to continue to grow in their faith through appropriate teaching. Their parents and/or guardians must also be consulted.

If you feel this is something which your church is ready to work through a first step could be to download and read a copy of the relevant canon law and also the document,  “Admission of Children to Holy Communion”. (attached below)

When you have read these, please get in touch with me,  Sarah Brown. (   ) I am very happy to meet with people who have misgivings or feel that this is not a helpful step. Please don’t feel that you have to have everyone’s agreement before you ask me to visit! I am available to come and speak/answer questions at PCC or other meetings, and if you wish to proceed I will guide you through the completion of the Application form for the Bishop.

Admission to Holy Communion Regulations

Admission of children to holy communion


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Here is a short preparation course for children who are being prepared to be admitted to Communion. You are welcome to use any or all of it as an alternative, or in addition to published resources.

What do you think God is like

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