1. Training

Below please see the most recent Mailing with details of training events.

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Some training events are planned and run in a central venue for anyone to attend. However, a more efficient method is to specific training at the request of a church or a group of churches. If your children’s leaders and helpers would like to develop their skills please have a look at this list and decide which would be most useful in your setting. If you can combine with a couple of other local churches (no problem if they aren’t Church of England/Anglican) that means that more people can benefit and that you gain from sharing ideas with a wider group.

When you have an idea of what you would like to do, find out from your leaders when the best day and time would be (I am available Mondays and Tuesdays all day, including evenings, and Wednesday mornings. I can sometimes do Saturday and Sunday afternoons too.) Choose from these areas – two topics can be combined if needed.

Bible Boxes – see pictures below. Each box holds the resources to work on ten Bible stories.

Bible Bags – for children to use in church

All Age Worship – how to involve everyone

Toddlers – weekday groups as well as in church

Starting to work with children – resources and ideas for churches that currently don’t do any children’s work.

Children and Communion – preparing to admit children to communion

Children with learning needs and disabilities – how to structure your group to help.

Through the Bible in Two Hours – helping you to get a picture of the order of the events in the Bible and practical ideas for teaching each section.

Families – involving whole families in your church

Working with Schools – Assembly/Collective Worship ideas. Open the Book

Working with your community – ways to engage local people

Ways to celebrate festivals – ideas for special times

Godly Play – ways to use this in church and school

Experience Events – putting on events for schools. Easter, Pentecost, Harvest, Christmas and the new Experience Church

Resources for Sunday Schools and Holiday Clubs

Puppets – what’s available and where they could be used.

Creative Prayer – helping children to pray

Messy Church – general input or focusing on specific areas such as worship, prayer, activities for non-crafty people.

Children and Communion and All Age Worship – offered in collaboration with church leaders.

Hisilicon K3

Hisilicon K3

Keep Calm and Stop Colouring

BIBLE BOXES If you never have much idea about how many and what ages the children on Sunday will be, this might be just right for you. Each box has all the resources and plans to teach ten Bible stories from the Old and New Testament. A two hour session with me at your church will explain how to make and use these boxes. Contact me for possible dates.



Not only will this help you become more familiar with what is in the Bible, but it also gives practical ideas for ways to teach children mosesabout the different types of writing in the Bible.