Welcome to Church Schools in Derby Diocese.There are 110 Church Schools in the Diocese who work very hard to provide the best possible education for the pupils in their care based on the Christian principle that Every Child Matters to God.

The schools are supported by the Board of Education whose vision is To Offer our children and young people life in all of its fullness.

On the links above you’ll find a wealth of information provided by the Derby Diocesan Board of Education to support school headteachers, teachers and school governors.

It is obviously true that good schools help produce an educated workforce. But the Christian vision is a far greater one. It is about setting a framework for children as they learn, which enables them to be confident when faced with the vast challenges that our rapidly changing culture brings to us.” Archbishop Justin

Church schools are among some of highest performing schools in our country and church schools in our diocese perform well against a range of academic indicators.

We would not have so many great state schools in this country without the Church of England. I know the Church does a wonderful job helping to raise educational standards and in providing a safe and loving environment for hundreds of thousands of children… ”Michael Gove July 2013

Church schools in the future



For more information about church schools nationally, please see “The Church School of the Future Review” (March 2012)



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