Seeing Anew

Seeing Anew provides:

  • a new way of seeing the nature and purpose of collective worship
  • a tool enabling staff and pupils in a church school gain knowledge and understanding of the Christian story
  • a theological framework in which to plan and lead collective worship
  • an opportunity to reshape the practices of collective worship

There is a small booklet about Seeing Anew available from Grove Books. The following five pages will help you learn about the thinking behind Seeing Anew. It will provide you with resources to use it in your own school and you can hear from those who have already had a go through the 8 short films embedded in these pages.

a. What is Seeing Anew?

b. How to use

c. Impact of Seeing Anew

d. Advice for using Seeing Anew

e. Examples of Seeing Anew planning

The approach has been based on doctoral research carried out by Alison Brown. Her thesis is entitled ‘What if Worship: a Theological Reframing for Collective Worship in a Church of England Primary School’.