d. Advice for Using Seeing Anew

What Advice is Given by Schools Who Have Used Seeing Anew?

  • Make sure it gets the support of the head teacher
  • It needs to be part of a whole staff vision of what collective worship is for
  • Use the theological expertise you have in the form of your vicar!
  • Give it dedicated time in staff meetings or INSET so that everyone receives the training
  • If you want it to be high quality and to have an impact you have to give it time
  • Plan it in as blocks for your collective worship programme for the school year
  • Work collaboratively – it’s a good idea to plan and lead in pairs
  • Work out how it will work for your school – each school will do it differently
  • Definitely give it a go but be realistic about what you can sustain over time!

Advice  for using Seeing Anew:

Some Challenges of using Seeing Anew: