b. How to Use

How to Use Seeing Anew?

Seeing Anew is a process or better still a journey, rather than an a set of off the peg assemblies. To make this journey schools need to do some work as a whole staff. To that end there are some resources to help. These include 8 short films that are found on various pages about Seeing Anew.

There is also a powerpoint presentation which you can use to deliver training. Click on the link and select Download from the One-drive menu. The presentation comes with extensive presenter notes so it would probably help to print them. These notes will guide you through the process of thinking about Seeing Anew and having a go at planning collective worship with it. Where text is in italics in the presenter notes it indicates items for the leader of the session to consider in preparation for leading the training. Where text is underlined it indicates there is an activity for staff to do.

Read through the powerpoint and notes and add pictures where required. Guidance is given as to where you can find pictures to use but can’t be included for copyright reasons in this presentation.

There are several things you will need to print or prepare before leading training: