a. What is Seeing Anew?

What is Seeing Anew?

Seeing Anew is an approach to collective worship which is based on the idea of experiencing as well as being told the Christian story. The practices of collective worship teach as much about God’s Kingdom as do the words.

What is Seeing Anew?


Seeing Anew helps church schools go beyond the message of, ‘Be good (because Jesus says so)’. It focusses on the formative and transformative nature of collective worship. In order to do this it makes use of the three stage approach of What if Learning.

Seeing Anew helps Church schools focus on the heart of the Christian faith. After all this faith is called Christianity not Nice-ianity!

            ‘Christianity is not an intellectual system, a collection of dogmas, or a moralism.               xxxxxxChristianity is instead an encounter, a love story; it is an event.’ 

             (Cardinal Ratzinger, 2004)

Seeing Anew is offered to schools to help them explore how effective they are at ‘painting a picture’ of what life looks like if lived as God intends.

Why Use Seeing Anew?