Governors of Church Schools

All governors of Church schools have a responsibility to ensure that the Christian foundation of the school is upheld. In addition Foundation governors are an important part of a church’s ministry to the school and local community. What is a Foundation Governor? gives an overview of the role.

Church School Governance is a useful booklet for all governors as it sets the task of being a governor in the context of Christian service. Click here to find out the difference between voluntary aided and voluntary controlled church schools.

We are delighted that for this academic year (2019/20) we can offer a comprehensive governor training package which was put together for DDAT schools which DBE schools can now access. We are very grateful to Jayne Hadfield for putting this together and for opening it up to all our Church schools.

Please note :

  1. All the courses are relevant to DBE schools with the exception of the one on p3 which is for Chairs of DDAT schools
  2. If you are a DBE school which is not in DDAT then you will be paying the PAYG fee. However, you might want to buy into Jayne’s package which gives more than training. It would give you access to Jayne for support as well as the option of GovernorHub, NGA, The Key and The School Bus. You would get the discounted rate on training then. If you wanted to buy at this stage then Jayne would work out a pro-rata rate as we are already part way through the package year. This is the link to the packages she offer