Kolkata School Links

The Board of Education has been working hard to develop links with schools in Kolkata mainly overseen by the Cathedral Relief Service in Kolkata. Several schools in Derby City and Derbyshire have participated in reciprocal visits with schools in Kolkata. Beyond that all of the Church Schools in Derby Diocese are able to make a real difference to the education of children attending schools in Kolkata through participating in what we are calling the Doorstep School Appeal. Every school is being challenged to raise a £100.

A set of collective worships have been written to help you explore our links with Kolkata and the theological elements of Wisdom, Hope, Community and Dignity. They use the Seeing Anew Approach. At the moment the one focussed on Wisdom is still being written but will be added as soon as it is finished.

Here is a set of slides about our links in Kolkata. There are notes for the slides. There are also sets of photos on these themes with accompanying notes: Kolkata Schools, Places of Worship, Puja, Transport, Water, and other photos. Mr Cuddles had adventures in Kolkata which your younger pupils might enjoy! Please do show them to your pupils to give them a flavour of where the money they have raised is going.

There is also a 6 minute film which will help give staff and pupils a flavour of the schools in Kolkata.