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APMs and APCMs during Covid-19 restrictions

Updated 21 June 2021

Holding of APCMs:

In view of the government’s decision to extend restrictions until Monday, 19 July 2021, Bishop Libby has extended the time for holding Annual Parish Meetings and Annual Parochial Church Meetings until Saturday, 31 July 2021 to give parishes time to hold their meetings in person, if they prefer to do that. Ones which are to be held wholly by virtual means are still able to go ahead. 

Churchwardens will need to be sworn in by the end of September 2021. Each Archdeaconry will arrange an additional Visitation by zoom in order to accommodate churchwardens who have not been able to attend an earlier Visitation because they were appointed after their Visitation had taken place.

If this causes you a problem, please contact your archdeacon as soon as possible to discuss what should be done.

Here are two documents to help with your APCMs during lockdown:

Holding APMs and APCMs during Covid-19 restrictions (updated March 2021) [PDF]

Bishop's instrument: Holding APCMs and APMs remotely [PDF]

Bishop's Instrument: APCM and APM 2021 Extension of Time (updated 21/06/21) [PDF]

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