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April 2019


The Derbyshire Safeguarding Adults Board newsletters

Issue 14 - Q2 2019


Safeguarding Flowchart

This chart should be displayed in all churches and is used to ensure that everyone is clear on the reporting process. To request a printed version of the chart please email safeguarding@derby.anglican.org

Download: Safeguarding Flowchart 2016 [PDF]


Promoting a Safer Church

This poster should be completed and displayed in all churches and is used to direct people to someone they can contact if they have a safeguarding concern. 

Diocesan and local authority safeguarding contacts are pre-filled and the poster can be printed in either A3 or A4 size.

Download: Promoting a Safer Church poster [PDF]


Diocese of Derby Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Practice Guidance (PPPG)

Full document from Autumn 2016 is still relevant and currently being updated.

Download: Policy, Procedures and Practice Guidance [PDF]


Parish Guide First Printed 2016 

This guide will give you the key Safeguarding information required at parish level.  Please use this rather than the National Parish Handbook for the time being.

The Diocesan Safeguarding Policy, Procedures and Practice Guidance (PPPG) should be read by those church officers who are engaged in Safeguarding work with the Parish or Cathedral. It has been written as a resource document and should be referred to as and when needed. There are some sections within the PPPG that church officers who are working in a role that requires a DBS check, should read and confirm that they have read them before starting work. This table shows the required reading to the expected level of training needed to undertake the role.

Download: Diocese of Derby Parish Guide 2016 [PDF]


Parish Audit Tool 2017

A tool for parishes to assess where they are with the implementation of the Safeguarding Procedures. Completion of this document wil help with the creation of an action plan for the PCC.

Download: Parish Audit Tool [PDF] [Word doc]


Diocese of Derby Safeguarding Complaints Procedure

A guide to the procedure in dealing with complaints about the way a safeguarding issue has been handled.

Download: Safeguarding Complaints Procedure [PDF]


Clergy File Access Policy

This document explains who can access clergy files and under what circumstances - and how they are controlled.

Download: Clergy File Access Policy [PDF]


Whistleblowing Policy

This policy seeks to enable staff to alert the organisation to any potential problem or wrongdoing reasonably believed to exist, without fear of any negative reprisal in response to the revelation.

Download: Whistleblowing Policy [PDF]


Dignity at Work Policy

Abuse, harassment and bullying – however rare - will not be tolerated in the Diocese.

Download: Dignity at Work Policy [PDF]

APCS are the prefered DBS supplier for the Church of England. You can see their Privacy Policy here.

Volunteer Leader Documents

Volunteer Application Forms       PDF     Word File

Code of Conduct and Contract   PDF      Word File


Consent Forms

Regular Meetings                      PDF      Word File

Outings and Residentials          PDF      Word File

Photographs                              PDF      Word File


Record Keeping for Sessions

Record Keeping                       PDF      Word File

Activity Record Sheet              PDF      Word File


Safeguarding Concerns

Safeguarding Record             PDF      Word File

Responding to
Serious Situations                  PDF     Word File

Definitions Sheet                    PDF      Word File



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