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A list of the most read pages in the Training section follows.


Introducing the Christian Faith to Inquirers and Seekers

These resources are useful to have available in churches simply for visitors to take away.  Write something for your church or contact the Mission Adviser for ideas

Christianity for the Open Minded (Inter-Varsity Press, Tel: 0115 978 1054 or sales@ivpbooks.com)

A booklet designed to engage the inquirer or seeker. There are other titles in the series.

Why Jesus? Nicky Gumbel (Alpha Publications, Holy Trinity Brompton, Brompton Road,

London. SW7 1JA. Tel: 0845 644 7544)There is also a Why Christmas? version.

Spelling it Out... a leaflet on being a Christian subtitled 'an ordinary churchgoer offers to explain' and part of a series of leaflets first written by Kate Rhodes for Bolton Abbey. It is available from Tim Tiley (see websites below).

The Light of the World Also available from Tim Tiley. It features Holman Hunt's famous painting on the cover and then gives the background story and an application of the message for our lives.

Christianity a pocketsize foldout guide (The Good Book Company, Elm House, 37 Elm
Road, New Malden, Surrey. KT3 3HB. Tel: 0845 225 0880).

No Ordinary Man St Luke's Gospel in an attractive format including Christian testimonies and stories (Deo Gloria, deo-gloria.co.uk; Tel: 020 8651 6246). Deo Gloria produce a range of other materials suitable for those on a 'spiritual journey' and who may know little or nothing about Christianity. A sample pack of these materials is available for £11 and is worth ordering.

The Story, An innovative booklet telling the Easter story and one of a range of resources available from Lifewords (see website address below).

Websites Worth Exploring

www.rejesus.co.uk (designed for non-church people wanting to explore Christianity)
www.deo-gloria.co.uk (includes a range of outreach material)
www.churchtourismassociation (for further advice on being a welcoming church)
www.achurchnearyou.com (a useful website to have on visitor literature - the site does what it says in its name, enabling people to find their local church)
www.cofe.anglican.org (the Church's national website is always worth exploring)
www.timtiley.com (website for the popular supplier of prayer cards, greeting cards and other material for visitors and church members alike)
www.lifewords.info (formerly Scripture Gift Mission, and supplying a range of materials for giving away including a range of booklets with titles such as 'Living with Loss', Meditations of Life', and Who am I?')


Creating a Culture of Welcome in the Local Church, Alison Gilchrist (Grove Evangelism series, Ev 66)

Open for you, Paul Bond (Canterbury Press, 2006)

WCD is a Local Ecumenical Partnership, sponsored by Churches Together in Derbyshire to carry forward the ministry of the Church in relation to Work and the Workplace.  It is responsible for accrediting clergy and authorised laity, on behalf of the Bishops and the leadership of the member churches, to visit and minister to individual workplaces. 

The purpose of WCD is:

To foster the well-being of those engaged in all sectors of employment.

• To relate to the inherent spirituality and creativity of human endeavour and the quality that it brings to a workforce.

• To engage in economic debate and witness to the conviction that God is active in economic affairs.

• To help transform work and the understanding of work in the light of the Gospel.

• To engage the Church in ministry to the workaday life of all people.

• To enable people to discover the presence of God in their daily work.


Our Vision is:

To bring the world of work into the heart of the life of the Church in Derbyshire.

• To bring the compassion and hope of God into the working lives of people.

• To help uphold a sustainable and just economy.

WCD has chaplains serving in Industry, Police, Fire and Rescue, Transport, Industry, Sport and Agriculture Sectors.

To find out more, visit www.workplacechaplaincyderbyshire.org.uk


Derby City Centre Chaplaincy

Derby City Centre Chaplaincy is a Christian organisation which provides pastoral support to people in the city centre as well as beyond by building bridges of understanding between industry, faith, commerce and society.   

Our chaplains serve in Retail, Business, Education, Social Care, Sport, Courts and Entertainment sectors.

To find out more, visit www.derbyccc.org.uk/ 




For further information about WCD and DCCC, email Revd. Canon Paul Morris, 

WCD Principal Chaplain and DCCC Co-ordinating Chaplain, 

on paul@derbyccc.org.uk



Ministerial Review downloads follow.

The initial documents are pdf copies to print out and fill in by hand.  For those who wish to fill in electronically you may find the .doc copies in Word format at the bottom of the list of more use.

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Download this file (MDR-Introduction-intro.pdf)MDR-Introduction-intro.pdf 295 Kb 20/04/10 17:03
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Download this file (Supplement to Form A.doc)Supplement to Form A. doc 177 Kb 17/05/10 08:37
Download this file (MDR Intro 5 Oct 09.doc)Introduction to MDR 286 Kb 13/07/10 14:21
Download this file (PAR 5 Oct 09.doc)Peer-Assisted-Review.doc 848 Kb 13/07/10 14:23
Download this file (Alastair\'s Theological Preface.doc)Alastair's Theological Preface 46 Kb 07/04/11 09:25
Download this file (Guidelines for Payments from the MDR Outcomes Support Fund-Mar12.doc)Guidelines for Payments from the MDR Outcomes Support Fund (March 2012) 25 Kb 15/03/12 14:27
Download this file (Bishop\'s List of PAR reviewers Jan 2013.doc)Bishop's List of PAR Reviewers (updated Jan 2013) 88 Kb 24/01/13 13:33


Spiritual Companions/Guides/Directors

Many people, lay and ordained, now recognise that it can be helpful to have someone alongside them on their pilgrimage, someone who has the gift of listening creatively to others and who offers a safe place of acceptance and encouragement. 

Sometimes this need grows out of a fruitful experience on retreat. Often it can be at a time of crisis, when old patterns are disturbed or when we feel an urge to take seriously our quest for meaning in life and we want to go deeper into our journey of faith. Maybe we want help with our prayer life or to test a particular calling.

Maybe we are finding it difficult to deal with events or relationships in our life. This can be a chance to reflect on what has been happening and to put things in perspective.   

This is called ‘Spiritual Direction’ or ‘Spiritual Companionship’, but other terms such as ‘Soul Friend’ (from the Celtic tradition) are used. It is available to all who wish to see more clearly where God is at work in their lives.

What happens?

Most people see their Spiritual Companion once every four to twelve weeks. It may be a long-term relationship or for a limited period.

There are no rules about this. The meeting has a sacramental nature, for God uses it as a channel for grace.

It calls for a sense of trust, confidentiality and for openness from both, in the knowledge that the meeting takes place in the presence of God.

The purpose is to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the direction. Suggestions may be offered of ways to pray, ideas for helpful reading, as well as practical suggestions relating to life choices, but the final decisions are always left in the hands of the person seeking guidance. 

How do you find someone?

In the Diocese of Derby we have a list of people of different traditions and backgrounds who offer this service and a Bishop’s Adviser for Spiritual Direction, who will help you to find the right person.

The choice of a companion is likely to have important consequences in your life. For this reason you might be invited to come for an informal meeting with her, so that she could talk with you about your expectations and ‘get a feel’ for the sort of person you would hope for.

Or in the first place you might prefer to apply for a leaflet outlining the sort of questions you could ask yourself, as you reflect on your needs.

Chaplaincy Services at the Royal Derby Hospital and the London Road Community Hospital

When in hospital, very often patients and carers value the opportunity to discuss spiritual matters with a chaplain or simply to be given time and a listening ear.

The Chaplaincy Team is ecumenical (Church of England, Roman Catholic and Free Church). However, we are very happy to offer time and support to anyone regardless of their faith, religious affiliation or belief system. We recognise and respect the uniqueness and dignity of each patient and maintain a confidential and non-judgmental approach. We welcome any patient who feels they may benefit from a chaplaincy visit. A chaplain can be contacted by asking the switchboard operator to bleep the on-call chaplain.

A chaplain is on-call at all times and if requested is able to contact the patient's local priest or minister, as well as leaders of most religions. Worship is provided on Sunday mornings and during the week at the Royal Derby Hospital. The Chapel at the London Road Community Hospital is open between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. The Faith Centre at the Royal Derby Hospital is always open for quiet and reflection. All are welcome to use these facilities.

Chaplaincy Service Volunteers:

There is a team of trained volunteers that work with Chaplaincy. These are Chaplaincy Visitors, Emergency Department Support Team, Chapel Assistants, Eucharistic Ministers and Centre Host/Hostesses. Our volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us for more information.

Key Contacts:

The Royal Derby Hospital Chaplaincy
(01332) 789500 (internally 89500)

Palliative/Cancer Care Nightingale Macmillan Unit Chaplain
Tel: (01332) 783351 (internally 83351)

London Road Community Hospital Chaplaincy
Tel: (01332) 789500 (internally 89500)

You can contact us by email too:


The Faith Centre Chapel at the Royal Derby Hospital is where the Sunday morning service is held at 10 a.m. Midweek Holy Communion is at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays.

At the Royal Derby Hospital there is also a Prayer Room. This is a space for people of all faiths or none. The Prayer Room is where Jum'ah Prayers are held on Friday at 1.30 p.m.

There is a service at the London Road Community Hospital at 1.45 p.m. each Monday.

Please contact Chaplaincy for details of services at the Nightingale MacMillan Unit.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Healthcare Chaplain:  
The Rev’d John K. Butterfield
Royal Hospital, Calow, Chesterfield S44 5BL
(01246) 277271 Ex. 3398

HMP Sudbury

Ashbourne DE6 5HW
Switchboard: (01283) 584000; Chaplaincy (01283) 584088

HMP Foston Hall

Foston, Derby DE65 5DN
Switchboard: (01283) 584300; Chaplaincy (01283) 584325


Co-ordinating Chaplain (HMP Sudbury - HMP Foston Hall)

The Revd Fiona Ballentyne


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If you don't have a password yet, please contact: communications@derby.anglican.org



Whats happening

Projects at Rural Action Derbyshire.

In-house training Learning in Faith and Discipleship training.

Latest news from Germinate.

FCN release Farming and better mental health. An open and honest film highlighting the importance of seeking support has been launched during farming help awareness week. 
The message is a positive one, and that it encourages people to seek help if they should need it.

For local support links see Mental Health and Credit Union page


If accessing training and use of the internet is a barrier - why not seek support /training ?

Digital Inclusion projects in Derbyshire:-

Rural Action Derbyshire report on Digital Inclusion 2022.

Good Things Foundation: advice for helping older people and people who are digitally excluded. See  'learn my way' platform. Help can be obtained from Derbyshire Library Service.

Derbyshire Dales: run from Dales CVS they offer a digital buddy to support learners email/ tel: 01629 812154 and more information.

Rural Action Derbyshire: are offering support and training and recruiting digital buddies, for more information, or email / tel: 01629 592970.  

Derbyshire Peer Recovery Group has recruited tech buddies. To make a referral email or tel: 01773 734989.

Disability Direct have digital support service for South Derbyshire and Derby City £200,000 GRANT TO DERBY CHARITY WILL HELP DISABLED PEOPLE BECOME DIGITAL SAVVY | Disability Direct

Church of England Digital labs


Resources for Rural Churches

Church of England Digital Labs | The Church of England

Country Way is available on line where you can browse and download articles for free. Paper copies via Deanery reps (c/o Archdeacon Carol).

Rural Mission resources.

Germinate- Arthur Rank Centre resources to support rural churches in the current situation.


Derbyshire Rural Chaplaincy Newsletter

>> December 2021 [PDF]

>> June 2021

>> Summer 2022

Rural Chaplaincy website.

Farmwell is recommended by Farm Community Network.


Rural Funding Digest  

Open Welcome is a toolkit designed to help rural churches consider how they might use their building to offer welcome and hospitality to those in their community, both residents and visitors. click here to download Open Welcome


The Living Building event was held on the 15th May and was a time of encouragement for all who attended. The keynote addresses from Anne Sloman, Chair of the Church’s Building Council, and from Rachel Treweek, Archdeacon of Northoult, envisioned many to see how their buildings could be used to enable more meaningful engagement with local communities. A choice of 12 workshops gave individuals a chance to ‘dig deeper’ into a range of topics including ‘Welcoming People’, ‘The World of Grants’, ‘Tourism, Buildings and Mission and ‘Rural Churches - blessing or curse?’ These were followed by stories from Langwith, Pilsley and Stanton by Dale, which each spoke of how buildings have been transformed in our own diocese.

Below are a list of resources / presentations that were given on the day

Anne Sloman referred us to this website as a source of ideas, information and advice

A Vision for Buildings
The powerpoint which accompanied Ven. Rachel Treweek’s presentation - please click here to download (PDF format)

Rural Churches – Blessing or Curse
A powerpoint from the workshop led by David Truby. For more details: david.truby@btinternet.com

Vision, Grace and Generosity
Andy Broom led a workshop outlining to story of the new church at St John’s Walton with thoughts for anyone leading building project. For more details: andy.broom@derby.anglican.org

Improving the Community Use of your Buildings
The Faith in Action cluster used the handout for their workshop. For more details: stella.collishaw@derby.anglican.org