Bishop Alastair writes…

Prayer and Ministry

New Ministry

At the end of this month Bishop Jan and I will be ordaining deacons and priests for the ministry of the Church.  Moments of immense significance for Ordinands, families, friends and for the Church. Please pray for these new ministers and their ministries.

Structures for Service

Ministry provides leadership and service – for the Church and for communities.  The basic framework is the parish – providing centres for worship, mission endeavour and the growing of disciples and all the rich ministries which flow from our churches.  Please pray for blessing upon each of our parishes, and for the Deaneries within which their witness unfolds.

Fresh Expressions

An important strand is that of pioneering and Fresh Expressions of Christian mission and ministry – within parishes, within the exercise of individual ministry, and through new forms of gathering for worship, nurture and outreach.  Please pray blessing upon all these exciting signs of new opportunity, which are being raised up amongst us.

Spiritual Communities

An increasingly important focus for ministry and discipleship is the formation of small ‘intentional’ communities, often operating alongside involvement in parishes and Fresh Expressions.  Archbishop Justin has established the St. Anselm Community at Lambeth, and we have our own Imagine Community in the Diocese. Spaces for people to be joined together in a common commitment to particular approaches to prayer and ministry.

In May I have been involved in two further initiatives.  The formal launch of the Community of Oblation, led by Glenn Martin, and a further exploration for those called together to combat Modern Slavery of an appropriate way of organising a common rule of life to earth our endeavours in prayer, bible study and fellowship.

Focus for Mission

As we celebrate and pray for new ministries, new forms of ministry, and all of the established ministries which so enrich our work together, this might be a season to consider the possibility of being called into ‘intentional’ communities committed to particular forms of witness and mission.

Ministry needs focus as well as feeding.  What might be appropriate within your part of the vineyard – not least through Deanery Mission Plans?!!

May each of us be blessed and encouraged in our own ministry at this particular season.

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