Other Resources

The Diocese of Liverpool "Giving in Grace" programme: www.givingingrace.org

An enormous resource for encouraging giving and stewardship. Alongside practical tools for reviewing giving, it includes theological reflections, preaching notes and Bible studies. 


The Church of England's Parish Resources Website: www.parishresources.org.uk

Access to a wealth of practical resources to support the life and work of parishes. 


Encouraging Giving and Stewardship: www.parishresources.org.uk/giving

Preaching and teaching on giving and stewardship; re-imagining the offertory, moving from 'collection' to 'offering', and helping to generate a sense of joyful offering in responce to God's generosity; and parish-based programmes to review giving and encouraging stewardship (including the parish Funding programme, Giving in Grace, a Simple Giving Programme for Smaller Churches, and Giving for Life).


Gift Aid: www.parishresources.org.uk/giftaid/

Factsheets about Gift Aid, the government scheme that allows parishes to relaim the tax paid on donations, including the Small Donations Scheme. 


The Church Legacy website: www.churchlegacy.org.uk

Information about how to encourage individuals to remember the Church in their wills. Parishes receive over 5,000 legacies each year - gifts to finance mission projects, maintain beautiful church buildings and grow faithful communities. These gifts make a real difference to the future work of the Church - as regular giving often concentrates on maintaining the existing mission and ministry.

For further information on any of the resources above please contact:

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