Deanery Consultation

Peake Deanery Chapter met last week in its new format to explore Discipleship in the context of the report from the National church, Reform and Renewal. Dr Esther Elliott led the day supported by Dr Sue Jones, Canon Geraldine Pond and Revd Lee Townend from the Mission and Ministry Team. There was a real engagement with the issue and there was much discussion about how we encourage discipleship in our parishes and how we encourage vocations. The meeting ended with a soup lunch which enabled informal conversations to continue. 
Revd Dr Sue Jones
Director of Mission and Ministry


It has been a busy few weeks and the work on developing deaneries is gaining momentum across the diocese.  This document gives a guide to some key statistics together with notes of current progress.

Within the data Stipendiary Posts are derived from diocesan Contacts Management System listings (and so may vary slightly from that which are understood ‘on the ground’ in the existing deaneries). Figures exclude SSM Priests and Curates in Training. Where a vacancy is registered it is included in the figures. The population figures are taken from the 2014/15 parish statistics.


Met with RD& Lay Chairs on 14 Oct to progress

Parish churches: 41                        
Stipendiary Posts:11

Area Dean resource allocation 2 days per week + admin


North Chesterfield/Parts of Bolsover        

Synod now meeting as one

Parish churches: 37                                                
Stipendiary Posts: 21.5

Area Dean resource allocation 3 days per week + admin


South Chesterfield/Parts of Bolsover/Alfreton

Met RD of Alfreton on 13 Oct    

Parish churches: 32                                                        
Stipendiary Posts:  14                                     
Population: 115,584

Area Dean resource allocation 3 days per week + admin


Peak Deanery                                

Now ready to appoint an administrator

MAP in progress

Pilot of Learning Community

Parish churches: 52                                                     
Stipendiary Posts: 20                                    

Area Dean resource allocation days per week +admin


Longford / Duffield 

Agreement from synods                             

Parishes: 32                                                   
Stipendiary Posts: 12     
Population: 59,531

Area Dean resource allocation 2 days per week +admin


Repton / Melbourne

Agreement from synods                          

Parishes: 30                                                                                          
Stipendiary Posts: 12                   
Population: 87,027

Area Dean resource allocation 3 days per week +admin


Derby City                                                      

Met with joint chapters - attending South synod next month

Parishes: 33                                           
Stipendiary Posts: 35                                       
Population: 257,80014 

Area Dean resource allocation still to be decided + admin

Erewash / Heanor       

Now convening synod together

Stipendiary Posts:  24    
Population: 162,300

Area Dean resource allocation 3 days per week + admin  


Additional updates:

The draft map was circulated to rural deans and lay chairs at the beginning of August to share with their deaneries together with some guiding principles on strengthening a culture of:

  • Relationship building
  • Wide participation
  • Partnerships for mission
  • Networking for learning and training
  • collegial working

Meetings have been convened throughout the Autumn to discuss proposals and the draft map with a number of standing committees, chapters and deanery synods in order to progress the new deaneries.



Road Map for Autumn/Winter 2015/16

  • complete the sign up at synods
  • circulate FINAL map and update all deaneries.
  • senior staff deployment and development group to finalise number of days of resourcing for each Area Dean role and admin assistant.
  • an updated and simplified role description to be produced through HR Director.   
  • CW to advertise and recruit internally initially for first 4/5 Area Deans, supported by HR Director and Leadership Development Officer. (We will be seeking candidates with a collaborative and transformational leadership style) First interviews in November. We propose using two lay representatives one from each archdeaconry to assist in recruitment together with an experienced rural dean. Advert and role description are on the diocesan website together with application form.
  • recruit the city Area Dean following consultation with the bishop and new deanery.
  • recruit to Ashbourne and Wirksworth Deanery once consultation completed.

February to May 2016

  • draw up a role description and begin identifying potential Lay Leadership.
  • set a series of dates to launch new deaneries, licence Area Deans and commission Lay leadership.
  • establish regular pattern of meetings for training and collegial support of area deans and lay chairs.

Autumn /Winter 2016/17

  • undertake a review including any adjustments to boundaries and begin the formal consultation to legally establish the new deaneries.

To download a copy of this document please click here


Christine Wilson, Archdeacon of Chesterfield                                                                       October  2015

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Since the launch of presentations at Deaneries, which began last Autumn, all deaneries have now had a presentation of the Vision for Developing Deaneries.

The majority of deaneries also explored the purpose of the deanery and did an exercise to find the common ground.

The questions asked were:

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Please click here for the Developing Deaneries presentation

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