Thursday, 21 March 2013 00:00

Diocese encourages visitor engagement

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The Diocese of Derby’s Tourism Co-ordinator, Revd Garrie Griffiths is encouraging all churches to engage more with visitors to the region.

In a YouTube interview published today on the Diocesan website (www.derby.anglican.org), Garrie goes on to explain the importance of tourism and how the Diocese plans to encourage further visitors to the area including a new diocesan tourism website www.derbyshirechurches.org.uk .



The publication of the interview coincides with English Tourism Week 2013 (16-24 March). This is a week-long celebration of events showcasing the quality and vibrancy of the visitor experiences and the value the industry brings to the nation. (www.visitengland.org/england-tourism-industry/etw/etw13/etw.aspx)

Garrie, when speaking about people visiting Derbyshire, says: “One of the amazing things that many people in Derbyshire don’t realise is just how many people come to visit this county to visit our villages, towns and countryside. I’m not one for figures but with 30 million visitor days per year and the fact that churches get a percentage of that, even the tiniest of percentages is a huge number of people. So I feel that we need to engage with that as parishes and as a Diocese.”

He adds: “I think tourism has become increasingly important and we are discovering that we get so many people visiting our parish churches.”