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Bereavement Resources

During the Covid Lockdown, this website page is being used to list resources about death, bereavement and loss – specifically as these relate to children.

There are many different types of resources, reflecting the reality that no two children (or adults, of course) react to a bereavement in the same way. Offering, but not insisting on, opportunities to talk through memories and feelings will certainly be part of our response to a child who has experienced the death of someone close to them.

Experience shows, though, that the time scale around this for children might be significantly different to the way adults tend to grieve.

As children reach new ages and stages of development, they might need to grieve afresh for the person they have lost.

During this difficult time, children might not be able to say a final goodbye, so these prayers have been produced: Prayers for children who cannot be at a funeral

The Derby Diocesan Board of Education has a Bereavement Box with a selection of useful resources for schools. You can download the list of books here – if you cannot source author or publisher please contact me, the box is usually available for loan, although this is not currently the case.

Organisations such as Winston’s Wish offer online support and resources and also have a helpline on 08088 020 021

Child Bereavement UK also has online resources and a National Helpline 0800 02 888 40 (Freephone. Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm) It also offers this email for bereavement support:

The Church of England “Faith at Home” group has published, “Never the Same”, a School Leadership resource for grief, bereavement and loss. It can be downloaded here

The following resources from various dioceses might also be useful:

Funerals - A Simple Reflection

Diocese of Birmingham 

Diocese of Manchester Board of Education

St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan Board of Education

Diocese of Bristol Board of Education

Useful Books

Children’s books about death – this selection includes some from a specifically Christian perspective – CHILDREN’S BEREAVEMENT   (Please note, these are not all known to me, this is a selection of what is available – for recommended books, please see the list which is in the Bereavement Box)

If you have used other resources and would like to share these, please send me the details:

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