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Seasonal Resources

All-age Lord’s Prayer Resource

This resource tells each sentence of the Lord’s Prayer, with a different object to illustrate each one.

Different coloured pieces of felt make the sentences link together.

There are two sets of activities – one for adults (and young people) and one for children.

They could be used together in a service or prayer time.

lords prayer resources


Our Father in heaven

Our Father in heaven verses and prompts

Our Father in heaven school and sunday club

Our Father in heaven for laminate

Our Father in heaven - draw

Chatterbox Session 1


Links for MAILING March 2020

Jesus calms the storm 1

Christ be with me March 2020

Jesus calms storm powerful things 2

Bible Bags

If you have no groups or teaching set up for children it’s good to be able to welcome them to the service and give them some interesting and thought provoking things to do alongside a parent or carer.

I have put together seven bags that are for a range of ages and interests.

Each bag has a Bible or Bible storybook in it and then three or four ideas for stories to read and activities to do.

The plans, details, books and suppliers can all be downloaded from below.

I have used all new toys to ensure that Health and Safety regulations are followed and that children don’t get frustrated when things are lost or damaged.

If you have used toys which are clean and in good condition you could use these instead of buying new.

You are welcome to borrow or just view the bags. If you borrow any bags please ensure:

  • That you give plastic toys a wipe over with an antibacterial wipe and let them dry.
  • All the pieces and activities go back into the bag (the tag has a list and plastic boxes indicate how many pieces there are.)
  • If you have any comments about the bag, please feed these back to Sarah.

Bag 1 Aimed at Toddlers | Bag 2 Aimed at Infant/KS1 children | Bag 3 For anyone who loves LEGO | Bag 4 For Minecraft fans | Bag 5 Those who enjoy puzzles | Bag 6 For anyone who enjoys Art | Bag 7 Animals in the Bible

bible bags montage

The plans and resources are listed in the document if you’d like to make your own bags.

Bible Bags Plans for all Bags+ source

Bible Bags Tags

Bible boxes, Fields box, Deserts box, Water box

Each Bible Box has resources for 10 sessions based around a theme.

The boxes have been designed for churches where there might sometimes be a number of children, but sometimes not.

The activities are for a mixed age group and will work at the back of a church where there is no other room to go to.

The teaching resources are here to be downloaded, and you will need to collect the items for the box which are used over the 10 sessions.

All the resources are inexpensive – many can be found on markets or charity shops, or indeed in the lofts/attics of your team!

In addition there are some games ideas below – they are suitable for those who have a little space to play in, and those who have no space at all!

Games box: 

Games for Bible Box introductions

Here is the main plan for the Fields box:

Fields box plan

And here are the supporting resource sheets:

Worrying Things

Worry template

Worry flowers


Wheat and weeds

What will the shepherd do?

The Wheat and the Weeds - take home

Sun and weeds


Rainbow - colour

Rainbow - black and white

Did Jesus Really say...?

Creation cards and boards

Here is the main plan for the Deserts box:

Deserts Bible Box Plan

Here are the support resource sheets for Deserts:


Popsicle ark of the covenant

Jesus in the desert images

Grumble Grumble

Flames – bonfire

Egypt when the Iraelites were there


Broom bush

Boggling bonfire flame outline

If there were no rules - story

The Great Desert Bake-off story - Activity 3

Speech bubbles

Here is the main plan for the Water box:

Water Bible Box Plan

Here are the support resource sheets for the Water box:

Would you help to wash?

Wedding at Cana debate

Water, moon and sun

Powerful things

People water

Ninevites role on the wall

Jonah role on the wall

Jonah activities

Women collecting water

Ways of being baptised


Rainbow - colour

Rainbow - black and white



End Hunger

This short project fits with the Big Conversation about Hunger. It is designed for use in a school, but could be adapted for other groups of around age 9, 10 and 11.

End Hunger - all | End Hunger - title onlyEnd Hunger - Details of tasks | End Hunger UKS2 1 | End Hunger UKS2 2 | End Hunger UKS2 3 | End Hunger UKS2 a

The organisations listed here are independently working in schools (both Church of England and Community schools) They provide a range of Christian based input, for example; assemblies/collective worship, RE lessons, lunchtime and after school clubs and many other activities.

The Diocese of Derby is seeking to produce a record of where these groups are working so that we can offer input to those schools that are currently not receiving any.

If you are part of a group currently working in a number of schools, we would love to receive information from you about what you do and which area you cover.

If you would like to know more about the organisations listed please contact them directly.

  1. Valley CIDS – work in around 80 schools the Swanwick area. Provides Assemblies, RE lessons, Holiday Clubs, After School and Lunchtime Clubs. ValleyCIDS
  2. Ispire workshops – provide full day or half day workshops exploring Christianity (as laid down in the National Curriculum) with Primary schools around Derby & Derbyshire. Our weblink is :-
  3. MAST – Matlock Area Schools Trust – have 3 teams who work in around 100 schools in Hope Valley, Ambergate and Hartington.
  4. Swadlincote and District Youth for Christ– assemblies, after school clubs and sports clubs in schools in the area.
  5. DKFC Derby Kids for Christ – Supporting work in schools in Derby city. Assembly teams regularly visit city Primary Schools  under the name “Discovery Squad”Website on the way – contact Eve Allen
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