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Seasonal Resources


Online JOIN IN AT HOME NATIVITY - for many churches a Nativity or Crib service perhaps on Christmas Eve is a special event for children and their carers. For December 2020 the probability is that most churches won't be able to invite households to attend a service in person. This JOIN IN AT HOME NATIVITY is designed for an online event with children and those they are with being able to take part at home.






A range of ways of encouraging children to learn and celebrate the Christian meaning of each festival.


  1. A Question of Christmas - Download six activities which ask questions about the Nativity Story. Each one is practical and enables conversations about why God sent his son to earth.
  2. Get ready for Advent - Ideas for inviting those who come to church over Christmas to come and enjoy more of what Advent and Christmas is all about.
  3. CHRISTMAS CONSTRUCTIONS - A new resource with six Christmas making activities. Suitable for old and young, male and female, I hope that you could use these activities for your congregation, children, young people and community during the Advent season.



  1. Helping Children Learn About Easter - Easter festival resources: Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Day
  2. Fun activities for Holy Week 
  3. Look at the Cross – free to download here - a number of ideas which focus on the cross. Select those which work for your congregation/group. This is an all-age activity and meditation pack which is designed to focus on Good Friday and the events of Easter. Everything you need to know is in the pack and it is flexible so that you can use just one or two activities or the whole pack. You will need some resources to make the crosses, but these should be obtainable fairly easily and without great expense. The resource also gives space for those who would prefer to sit, think and pray quietly on Good Friday.

home-made crosses for children

4. Easter - in and out of doors - This uses some indoor stations from Experience Easter and some outdoor ones from Experience Easter Outdoors. There is a “weather risk” factor with the outside events, but I know of several churches that have persevered, even in snow, and found it a moving thing to do. You will need the Experience Easter pack and the Experience Easter Outside pack. I have some copies of these for sale or you can go to the Diocese ofGloucester website to buy them.

Download the pack here:


If you run this event please send some photos if you can!

Finally, another Easter event…


A resource to use for Good Friday or over the Easter period for All Age Events, Messy Church or After School clubs,






The Jumping Fish resources are currently out of print. Please contact Sarah if you need a pack.

We can loan you a most of the resources you will need for each event. Please book early and check with Sarah Brown that the resources are available at the time you need them.

These are available to borrow:






Education Sunday 2017

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Open the book

“To enable each child to hear the story of the Bible  in their primary years”

If you are currently part of an Open the Book Team and it is a while since you received any training, please do aim to come to the next event if you possible can.

There are important updates to the OtB resources which it would be very useful for you to hear about.

If you are interested in starting an Open the Book team, you'll find the event you need here! (Scroll down to reach Open the Book training)

For more information and to read the whole story of Open The Book

Or contact Sarah Brown.

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Messy church

Messy Church is a way of being church for all ages.

It involves having fun and being creative.

It involves playing and eating together.

It involves learning and worshipping together.

There are many Messy Churches in our diocese and there are also regional advisers – volunteers who with offer help and ideas for your Messy Church.

See the Messy Church website for an up to date list of local groups and regional advisers.

If you aren’t subscribing to “Get Messy” then it would be good to have a look at this magazine, published quarterly and costs £16.35 for a yearly subscription.

Each magazine has four Messy sessions completely planned, as well as articles and interesting background information.

You can order this magazine from the Messy Church website, but if you have any problems, contact me,


If you have a resource which would be helpful to include please let Sarah know at

If you would like information about a particular area, please get in touch. The Messy Church website is very helpful:

  1. Messy Church Safeguarding
  2. Messy Church Risk Assessment  
  3. Messy Church Recommended Reading  
  4. Messy Church Session ideas
  5. Messy Church Session Material
  6. Messy Church Recipes
  7. Session Planning and forms
  8. Messy Church Logo

Ideas for Messy Church

Messy Science ideas

Pre-school activities for Messy Church

Messy Challenge

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Holiday clubs

In the office at Church House there is a large number of Holiday Club resources which you are welcome to borrow.

The Scripture Union resources also come with a DVD which we can also lend you.

Churches structure holiday clubs in different ways.

Some run each morning for a week in the summer.

Some do one day each week through the holiday.

Other churches do a day each half term.

You will need to chat to parents locally to see what might work best.

Whichever you choose, it’s a great way of getting to know local children and carers and giving them some good Bible teaching.

Contact me if you’d like to look at the Holiday Club resources:

Here are some photos of the “Space Academy” Holiday Club at All Saint’s Church, Wingerworth.

The children learnt about Daniel and his friends with all the challenges they faced in Babylon.


  • IMG 9032
  • IMG 8991
  • IMG 8981
  • IMG 9054
  • IMG 9076
  • IMG 9093
  • IMG 9127
  • IMG 20150111 115247

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Godly Play

What is Godly Play?

The result of a lifetime of research and practice by theologian, author and educator The Rev. Dr. Jerome Berryman, the Godly Play® method is a curriculum of spiritual practice exploring the mystery of God’s presence in our lives.

The Godly Play curriculum engages what is most exciting about religious education: God inviting us into—and pursuing us in the midst of—Scripture and spiritual experience.

Godly Play practice teaches us to listen for God and to make authentic and creative responses to God’s call in our lives.

Godly play:

  • Promotes knowledge, skills empathy, values, spiritual growth
  • Develops the needs of the whole child: mind, body and spirit
  • Provides a multisensory approach to learning
  • Develops language and communication skills
  • Gives everyone the opportunity to speak for themselves
  • Develops thinking skills
  • Provides depth and reflection in every session
  • Gives time for learning
  • Promotes originality, independent choice and decision making
  • Uses visual, auditory and kinaesthetic approaches to learning.

Wooden sets are used and children (and adults) encouraged to wonder about what they have seen, heard and experienced.


Godly Play sets

We have about 19 sets which you are welcome to borrow.

The list of titles can be downloaded here.

Each box contains the necessary pieces and a script.

Please contact Sarah if you would like to borrow a set.

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Children and communion

Do the children in your church receive Holy Communion alongside the adults?

Canon law allows this to happen where the church has permission from the bishop.

There are a number of protocols and safeguards which need to be in place for this decision to be given.

One of them is the important opportunity for all members of the church to air their feelings and discuss what might be long-held beliefs.

Children who are to receive Holy Communion must be prepared properly and then given the chance to continue to grow in their faith through appropriate teaching.

Their parents and/or guardians must also be consulted.

If you feel this is something which your church is ready to work through a first step could be to download and read a copy of the relevant canon law and also the document “Admission of Children to Holy Communion”. (attached below)

When you have read these, please get in touch with me, Sarah Brown.  

I am very happy to meet with people who have misgivings or feel that this is not a helpful step.

Please don’t feel that you have to have everyone’s agreement before you ask me to visit!

I am available to come and speak/answer questions at PCC or other meetings, and if you wish to proceed I will guide you through the completion of the Application form for the bishop.

Admission to Holy Communion Regulations

Admission of children to Holy Communion

Check list for parishes

Here is a short preparation course for children who are being prepared to be admitted to Holy Communion.

You are welcome to use any or all of it as an alternative, or in addition to published resources.

What do you think God is like

Course title page

Find someone

Preparation course

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There is a range of resources that you can use with those who would like their child/children to be baptised.

First Steps is a tried and tested DVD resource produced by CPAS.

There is a copy of the DVD in the Resource library if you would like to see it.

We also have a short booklet by Ally Barrett called, “Making the most of your child’s baptism.”

This talks through what happens in the service and also gives parents ideas about how to follow up this special service.

Other resources and support are available.

Please contact Sarah for ideas.

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Seasonal Resources

All-age Lord’s Prayer Resource

This resource tells each sentence of the Lord’s Prayer, with a different object to illustrate each one.

Different coloured pieces of felt make the sentences link together.

There are two sets of activities – one for adults (and young people) and one for children.

They could be used together in a service or prayer time.

lords prayer resources


Our Father in heaven

Our Father in heaven verses and prompts

Our Father in heaven school and sunday club

Our Father in heaven for laminate

Our Father in heaven - draw

Chatterbox Session 1


Links for MAILING March 2020

Jesus calms the storm 1

Christ be with me March 2020

Jesus calms storm powerful things 2

Bible Bags

If you have no groups or teaching set up for children it’s good to be able to welcome them to the service and give them some interesting and thought provoking things to do alongside a parent or carer.

I have put together seven bags that are for a range of ages and interests.

Each bag has a Bible or Bible storybook in it and then three or four ideas for stories to read and activities to do.

The plans, details, books and suppliers can all be downloaded from below.

I have used all new toys to ensure that Health and Safety regulations are followed and that children don’t get frustrated when things are lost or damaged.

If you have used toys which are clean and in good condition you could use these instead of buying new.

You are welcome to borrow or just view the bags. If you borrow any bags please ensure:

  • That you give plastic toys a wipe over with an antibacterial wipe and let them dry.
  • All the pieces and activities go back into the bag (the tag has a list and plastic boxes indicate how many pieces there are.)
  • If you have any comments about the bag, please feed these back to Sarah.

Bag 1 Aimed at Toddlers | Bag 2 Aimed at Infant/KS1 children | Bag 3 For anyone who loves LEGO | Bag 4 For Minecraft fans | Bag 5 Those who enjoy puzzles | Bag 6 For anyone who enjoys Art | Bag 7 Animals in the Bible

bible bags montage

The plans and resources are listed in the document if you’d like to make your own bags.

Bible Bags Plans for all Bags+ source

Bible Bags Tags

Bible boxes, Fields box, Deserts box, Water box

Each Bible Box has resources for 10 sessions based around a theme.

The boxes have been designed for churches where there might sometimes be a number of children, but sometimes not.

The activities are for a mixed age group and will work at the back of a church where there is no other room to go to.

The teaching resources are here to be downloaded, and you will need to collect the items for the box which are used over the 10 sessions.

All the resources are inexpensive – many can be found on markets or charity shops, or indeed in the lofts/attics of your team!

In addition there are some games ideas below – they are suitable for those who have a little space to play in, and those who have no space at all!

Games box: 

Games for Bible Box introductions

Here is the main plan for the Fields box:

Fields box plan

And here are the supporting resource sheets:

Worrying Things

Worry template

Worry flowers


Wheat and weeds

What will the shepherd do?

The Wheat and the Weeds - take home

Sun and weeds


Rainbow - colour

Rainbow - black and white

Did Jesus Really say...?

Creation cards and boards

Here is the main plan for the Deserts box:

Deserts Bible Box Plan

Here are the support resource sheets for Deserts:


Popsicle ark of the covenant

Jesus in the desert images

Grumble Grumble

Flames – bonfire

Egypt when the Iraelites were there


Broom bush

Boggling bonfire flame outline

If there were no rules - story

The Great Desert Bake-off story - Activity 3

Speech bubbles

Here is the main plan for the Water box:

Water Bible Box Plan

Here are the support resource sheets for the Water box:

Would you help to wash?

Wedding at Cana debate

Water, moon and sun

Powerful things

People water

Ninevites role on the wall

Jonah role on the wall

Jonah activities

Women collecting water

Ways of being baptised


Rainbow - colour

Rainbow - black and white



End Hunger

This short project fits with the Big Conversation about Hunger. It is designed for use in a school, but could be adapted for other groups of around age 9, 10 and 11.

End Hunger - all | End Hunger - title onlyEnd Hunger - Details of tasks | End Hunger UKS2 1 | End Hunger UKS2 2 | End Hunger UKS2 3 | End Hunger UKS2 a

The organisations listed here are independently working in schools (both Church of England and Community schools) They provide a range of Christian based input, for example; assemblies/collective worship, RE lessons, lunchtime and after school clubs and many other activities.

The Diocese of Derby is seeking to produce a record of where these groups are working so that we can offer input to those schools that are currently not receiving any.

If you are part of a group currently working in a number of schools, we would love to receive information from you about what you do and which area you cover.

If you would like to know more about the organisations listed please contact them directly.

  1. Valley CIDS – work in around 80 schools the Swanwick area. Provides Assemblies, RE lessons, Holiday Clubs, After School and Lunchtime Clubs. ValleyCIDS
  2. Ispire workshops – provide full day or half day workshops exploring Christianity (as laid down in the National Curriculum) with Primary schools around Derby & Derbyshire. Our weblink is :-
  3. MAST – Matlock Area Schools Trust – have 3 teams who work in around 100 schools in Hope Valley, Ambergate and Hartington.
  4. Swadlincote and District Youth for Christ– assemblies, after school clubs and sports clubs in schools in the area.
  5. DKFC Derby Kids for Christ – Supporting work in schools in Derby city. Assembly teams regularly visit city Primary Schools  under the name “Discovery Squad”Website on the way – contact Eve Allen
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Resources at home

Web sites and resources to support children, families and carers during the Coronavirus Lockdown.

BRF Resources for Families during Covid Lockdown. 


Jessica-Ann Jenner is producing weekly activity sheets on Facebook, this is the link…

The Church of England’s “Thy Kingdom Come” resources are here

1. Journey into Easter

Recently commissioned are some stunning paintings from the Ethiopian artist Nebiyu Assefa for a new resource for schools, and these have inspired Journey Into Easter, a series of reflections for each day of Holy Week. The material is free for anyone to download, and has an arty/crafty theme. 

Journey Into Easter With Children and Reflections through art for Holy Week and Easter. Written by Shahne Vickery with paintings by Nebiyu Assefa. These lovely resources are all free to download.

2. The Bell family from Ashover sing, “Risen” 

An inspiration for us as we celebrate the Easter season! Many thanks to them.

Messy Church resources – contributed by Ruth Attwood, Regional Co-ordinator for Messy Church

The Messy Church website has lots of ideas, but there is also a great website called ‘Together at Home’ now producing regular material. They have a Facebook page but materials can also be found at

If you’d like to discuss any ideas, whether for your Messy Church families or others, do feel free to contact me at or by phone 01283 702804.  

March Messy Church - I can pray a rainbow

3. British Youth for Christ Resources – contributed by Sue Garb.

British Youth For Christ resources – they are creating three videos a week for 5-11s and 11-16s.

There’s also some training videos on how to use zoom and social media, as well as thinking through safeguarding criteria.

As Burton Youth For Christ, all our work is virtual at the moment. We are posting a thought for the day Monday to Friday; team challenges, and live instagram craft sessions on Saturday at 11am and Sundays at 3pm. 

Our instagram account is burton_yfcFacebook is @burtonyfc

If any young people need support they can DM us or email us:

4. An active story from Elaine Jones –  to use on Good Friday, or over the Easter weekend.

Active Story Time for Families

5. Diddy Disciples have resources and podcasts of stories - aimed at ages 0-5.

6. Link to  a second of Archdeacon Carol’s videos

7. Collective worship powerpoint and plan from Paul Scully

Palm Sunday Collective Worship - PowerPoint | Word doc


If you have any other links to useful sites, please let me know and I will include here.

All diocesan training events are now managed via the website.

You will find lots of events here to develop your work with children and young people. 

All leaders should also be up to date with Safeguarding training – please contact the Safeguarding team to check which of the courses on offer will be most relevant to you.

We also recommend that all Children’s and Youth Leaders have a current First Aid qualification. We run short course for this, watch out for details on mailings.

If there is an area that you would like some information or training in, please contact Sarah Brown 

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I am Sarah Brown – Diocesan Children’s Adviser. I work part-time for the Diocese of Derby – usually all day Monday and Tuesday and also Wednesday morning. My mobile is 07425 132717 and my email address is

Covid Regulations around Children and Young People in Church - with regulations and advice changing frequently, please refer to these web sites:

1. The Church of England Covid 19 Guidance for churches

2. GOVT.UK Guidelines

3. GOVT.UK Education and Childcare

4. National Youth Agency -  all Tier 4 Youth Work moves into the RED stateREADINESS FRAMEWORK, Guidance is here:




 FAITH AT HOME AND ONLINE - For children and their carers/families

Below are some resources to use in online services or at home with children.These are designed to use with children and adults together.

You are welcome to use these resources and distribute them freely..

Family lectionary at home


Sunday 17th January Epiphany 2 Philip and Nathanael

Sunday 10th January Epiphany 1 The Baptism of Christ

Wed 6th January Epiphany The Wise Men and the Star



Sunday 27th December 2020 1st Sunday after Christmas

Sunday 27th Dec SHEET "How do you know what's real?" 1 John !:1-3


A SHORT CHRISTMAS SERVICE TO USE AT HOME - adaptable for all ages!

 PLEASE ALSO SEE THE CHRISTMAS AND EASTER RESOURCES PAGE (next page on this Children's part of the website.)



 ANIMAL NATIVITY STORIES FOR PRE-SCHOOL AND KS1 - Four interactive resources which tell the Christmas story from the perspective of an animal which could have been there. These are suitable for online assemblies/colective worship, all age worship or use at home. Each one uses a bag with some different objects in to help tell the story.

EDNA THE DONKEY'S TALE - The journey to Bethlehem

BARNEY THE SHEEP'S TALE - Angels and shepherds

MAVIS the CAMEL'S TALE - The star and Wise Men 

HECTOR the MOUSE'S TALE - All that happened in the stable and the familiy's quick departure 



Online order of service for Christingle and many other useful resources here: CHILDREN'S SOCIETY CHRISTINGLE RESOURCE 



ADVENT WREATH AND CANDLES - Create your own wreath then design a candle each week based on each Sunday's Advent Wreath theme.Two alternative prayers from the Church of England Lectionary are provided for each week.








HAVE YOU HEARD ABOUT ADVENT? PowerPoint exploring the meaning of Advent, together with ideas for craft. Sections of this could be used in online services and children's worship.

The Advent PowerPoint is uploaded in three sections as the file was too big for the website. If you download all three they will fit together as one longer resource.




PDF of whole Advent PowerPoint





Sunday 22nd November SUNDAY BEFORE ADVENT

SUNDAY BEFORE ADVENT Sheet - CHRIST THE KING Matt 25:31-end and Psalm 95

Sunday 15th November 2nd SUNDAY BEFORE ADVENT

2nd BEFORE ADVENT Sheet - The Parable of the Talents Matt 25:14-30

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY -  Ideas for a live or online All Age service, and activities for Faith at Home -  Sunday 8th NOVEMBER 2020

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY All age service and activities

Sunday 1st November ALL SAINTS' SUNDAY


Sunday 25th October Last After Trinity BIBLE SUNDAY

Last after Trinity Sheet - BIBLE SUNDAY

Sunday 18th October - Trinity 19 

Trinity 19 - Jesus and the Roman Tax Mathew 22:15-22

Sunday 11th October - Trinity 18 (Proper 23)

Trinity 18 Sheet - The Parable of the Wedding Banquet Matt 22:1-14

Sunday 4th October - Trinity 17 (Proper22)

Trinity 17 Sheet - The Ten Commandments and The Tenants Exodus 20 and Matthew 21:32-end

Sunday 27th September - Trinity 16 (Proper 21)

Trinity 16 Sheet The Two Sons Matthew 21

HARVEST FESTIVAL - The Greedy Farmer Luke 12:16-30

Harvest Festival RESOURCES - The Greedy Farmer Luke 12

Sunday 20th September - Trinity 15 (Proper 20)

Trinity 15 Sheet  Manna From Heaven

Sunday 13th September - Trinity 14 (Proper 19)

Trinity 14 Sheet A Walk through the Sea

Sunday 6th September - Trinity 13 (Proper 18)

Trinity 13 Plagues and Passover

 PowerPoint The First Passover

Sunday 30th August - Trinity 12 (Proper 17)

Trinity 12 Moses and the Burning Bush [Word]

Sunday 23rd August - Trinity 11 (Proper 16) 

Trinity 11 Moses in the Bulrushes [Word]

Sunday 16th August - Trinity 10 (Proper 15)

Trinity 10 sheet: PDF | Word

Washing hands: Matthew 15:1-20 PDF | PPT

Sunday 9th August - Trinity 9 (Proper 14)

Trinity 9 sheet

Sunday 2nd August - Trinity 8 (Proper 13)

Trinity 8 sheet

Trinity 8 - How many people?

Sunday 26th July - Trinity 7 (Proper 12)

Trinity 7 sheet

Trinity 7 - Yeast activity

Sunday 18th July - Trinity 6 (Proper 11)

Trinity 6 sheet

Matthew 13:36 – 43 The Story of the Wheat and Tares - PowerPointPDF

Sunday 12th July - Trinity 5 (Proper 10)

Trinity 5 sheet

Sunday 5th July - Trinity 4 (Proper 9)

Trinity 4 sheet

Sunday 7th June - Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday sheet


The Diocese of Portsmouth has some great resources to use at home.

If you have access to a printer, don’t miss the Bible Chat Mats which are produced by the Diocese of Bath and Wells. Great to use as you sit around the table – do some colouring and chatting!

Messy Church have also produced some ideas for Faith at Home.


You Tube videos – do make sure you preview videos before showing them to children. I haven’t watched all of these listed below!

These are from Footprints Theatre’s heritage “Story Stash”:

Crossroads Kids Clublots of parables to watch

Little Worship CompanyBible stories and songs with children’s images

And from the Blackburn Diocesan Board of Education, Bible Podlets for all ages to listen to and discuss.

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