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Christenings – a positive choice

Anyone can get in touch with a church to find about having their child christened. During a christening your child will be baptized with water. It’s the start of an amazing journey of faith for your child and a special day for all your friends and family.

A christening, or baptism, is a special service where we give thanks to God for someone.

It's also a service where promises are made to follow God, either by the person being baptised or, if they're too young, by godparents on their behalf.  

It costs nothing to get christened in the Church of England, and it's a wonderful way to start a journey of faith. 

You can find out more about christening and baptism on this Church of England website. Baptisms are a key part of every church's life, and are often a time of joy and celebration.

The Church of England also offers a separate thanksgiving service as a way of giving thanks to God for a child.

These can suit those who want to give thanks for a new child without wanting to go as far as a baptism, or can be used in addition to the christening service.

For more information on baptism in the Church of England: