Hearing God’s call?

What is a vocation?

Do you feel you are being pulled in a certain direction? Do you have a strong and overwhelming urge to do a particular job, be involved with a particular group of people or to use your skills to help others in a certain way?

It may be that you feel pulled in a new direction, or it may be that what you do already is your vocation.

We all possess some God-given gifts, some skills and some talents. But often we don’t fully recognise how gifted we are because these gifts have been with us for a long time and it is easy to take them for granted.

Or they may have been hidden in the shadows for some time. But there is in all of us something that people recognise and come to us for.

And their desire to do this is acknowledgement that we have something special that they don’t see in others. Read more.

Explore Your Calling: This PDF will help you take time to reflect and pray on how God is calling you.

↓ Download the PDF

↓ Download the accompanying booklet

Use the booklet to record your reflections as you are prompted by the questions.

This is something that you can work through in your own time and at your own pace.

You may want to respond to the questions and record your responses and then revisit it a few months later and reflect on how you’ve changed and developed.


Are you interested in exploring ministry further?

The Diocese of Derby wants to encourage gifted people - just like you - to consider where God is calling you.

We hold Vocational Reflection Days several times a year- you can spend time with others who are exploring how God might be calling them. For more information and to sign up for the next Vocational Reflection Day go to Eventbrite.

Could you be a Church Leader of the future? If you feel a sense of calling, whether to ordination or lay ministry, we will help you explore that and consider what to do next.

Watch the video "Called"


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National Sports Sunday aims to both encourage people to engage with sport and to become sports chaplains.

Is being a sports chaplain something you could consider?

Here are the thoughts of Revd Sarah Watson, herself a sports chaplain - and a recreational tennis player!

When people think of a sports chaplain, they may imagine the chaplain of a professional football club, and although some work with elite sportswomen and men, many serve at a much more grass-roots level serving all members in the club regardless of playing ability or role.

A sports chaplain's role will vary from club to club and sport to sport, and my role is as chaplain to Derbyshire Tennis and I am there to offer support, pastoral and spiritual care.

As a priest in the Church of England of course I am passionate about my Christian faith and the Gospel being good news to all, but I always operate by permission and I am always inclusive. I am not just there for the Christians but to serve the whole tennis community, irrespective of beliefs or lifestyle.

I am passionate about sport; I love participating and watching. It has always played a big part of my life and is unsurprisingly a big part of discipleship and ministry.

Jesus said he came to bring life in all its fullness. This is a holistic view of well-being, including both the physical and spiritual, of all involved in the community of sport to which chaplaincy has something to offer.

Most of the time I would describe my role as "holy loitering", spending time around the Derbyshire tennis world getting to know people, being a Christian presence.

Essentially I am there to serve and not be served, seeking to follow the model of Jesus.

Being a sports chaplain is both an honour and privilege.

Find out more at: https://sportschaplaincy.org.uk/

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Is God Calling You?

Is God Calling You?

Explore your calling with us. See More
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