Jane Plackett

New curate at Derwent Oak, and the Trent and Derwent Parishes

On July 5th I’ll be ordained at Ashbourne Parish Church, and I’m privileged to be training partly at Derwent Oak, alongside Beth Honey, a community chaplain, and partly with the Trent and Derwent Parishes - as a local friend said to me on my breaking the news: ‘That’s all the really pretty Derby villages then - good work!’

I’ll be serving the church formally part time, and more informally through my day to day work for The Ruach Trust. The Ruach Trust is a new charity, passionate about the restoration of places and people, and the training of young men in rural skills, heritage craft and agriculture. I’ll be found, primarily at Highfields Farm (home of Happy Hens!) developing a training and mentoring programme for vulnerable young people.

I’ve lived in the East Midlands for the last three years, while studying theology at St John’s College, in Nottingham, and will be moving to Derby in mid June - something I’m very much looking forward to.

I am a country girl at heart - I grew up in Cornwall, near Liskeard, and, while not necessarily appreciating it through my teenage years, love the countryside, and the proximity to the sea - a luxury that is no longer afforded me! I went to secondary school in the coastal city of Plymouth, and moved to London for university to study Civil Engineering.

After a brief spell working back in the Westcountry, I worked for Soul Survivor Ministries in Watford - an organisation passionate about the discipleship of young people, and best known for hosting conferences in Stafford and on the Bath and West Showground, attended by some 30,000k teenagers annually - it’s here that my passion for working with young people was born. This job took me from Cornwall and returned to the confines of the M25 where I would stay, until moving my life to what I once considered ‘North’ three years ago.

I’m looking forward to joining you all, and getting to explore this beautiful part of Derbyshire more over the next few years

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