I trained as a teacher and have spent most of my working life within a local authority context, but am now a Vocations, Learning and Formation Officer and loving it!

I am based at Church House in Derby but am happy to travel throughout the County.

I am inspired by the report ‘Setting God’s People Free’ and excited by the vision it presents of a truly enabled church.

I see vocation as God weaving each of us into a tapestry – each of us is a unique and vibrantly coloured thread which can only create a beautiful whole by interweaving with others. 

It doesn’t matter what type of thread you are, what colour, or whether you are a bit frayed around the edges - God can use you to weave a better world by sharing the message of His love.

He is calling you to something uniquely wonderful -your vocation – whatever that may be.

I’d like to leave you with a question paraphrased from Paulo Coelho: ‘What are you doing with the talents that God bestowed on you?’

Please use the form below to get in touch with me and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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I am one of the two Diocesan Vocations, Learning & Formation Officers. 

It is amazing the different ways God calls each one of us to serve - in our families, work lives, in the church, through ministry and in our communities. 

I love hearing people’s stories of how God has called them and help them in their process of discernment. 

I am currently based in Church House but I live near Chesterfield, and I would be happy to advise people in any part of the Diocese.

Please use the form below to send me your details and I will get in touch as soon as possible.

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My own vocational journey started as a teenager, has had many twists and turns along the way and continues to surprise me.

I am glad to listen to others who are also exploring where and how God is calling them to serve.

Now retired from the NHS where I spent most of my working life, I am licenced as a rural pioneer priest, based in Tideswell Parish, and Self Supporting (Non stipendiary) Ministry Officer for the Diocese.

I relax in the outdoors, walking and running round the beautiful area where we live. I am most available in the Peak Deanery and for people exploring self supporting ministry.

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I came to ordination after some years as an english and drama teacher and still enjoy being part of local theatre and drama.

After training in Nottingham, I have worked in both single and multi parish settings, including a spell as a school chaplain.

I consider it a privilege to be alongside anyone who is on a vocational journey of discovering what God’s calling means for them.

I’m now based in Tideswell, where I’m the vicar of five village churches and most available in the Peak or North Derbyshire.

My contact details are:

Simon White, The Vicarage, Pursglove Dr, Tideswell SK17 8PA

01298 871317

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I started my Christian life when I was 24 years old on a dusty Kibbutz in Israel where I met two Hungarian Christians.

A call to ministry began, yet, it has taken another 20 years to discover a particular calling to ordination in the Church of England in 2012.

As a self-supporting minister, I currently work four days a week as the lead agricultural chaplain in Derbyshire whilst also completing a curacy.

I'm passionate about the journey to serve in the Church and how vocation helps us discover who we are in Christ as well as what we can actively do.

I very much value the opportunity to listen, reflect, and discern together, so that we can hear what and where God is calling us to serve.

Availability and geographical area: Negotiable by appointment / South Dales and South Derbyshire.

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Richard Palmer, Vocations Advisor

I spent my whole career in training, development and coaching and have always been drawn to helping others to recognise, develop and discover ways to use their gifts and talents.

I do believe that we are all blessed with God-given gifts. But these don’t always come gift-wrapped with an explanatory label.

Sometimes, therefore, we need to explore them. And having a sounding board during this process is helpful

I was also privileged to become a Spiritual Accompanier 5 years ago, walking beside others in their spiritual journey.

Bringing together both our journey and our unique gifts assists us to discern the potential directions in which our calling and vocation may lead us.

That is my understanding of the Vocations Advisor’s role and why I find it so rewarding to offer my time to this.

Geographical area – Based in Ripley

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Hello, for me the journey is what is important.  

People sometimes think exploring vocation is about becoming somebody different and that you can get it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ … but the vocational journey is one we are all on, it is about discerning God’s intention for us and becoming more the person God calls us each of us to be, whatever our gender or heritage, whether we are straight or gay, regardless of disability or mental health issue we are all created, held and nurtured in God’s love, which means we all have a calling.  

I am a parish priest, living as Vicar of Spondon and an experienced Spiritual Director walking alongside diverse people from different contexts.

Located 2 miles east of Derby city centre in a place called Spondon.

The Spondon Flyer bus stops directly outside the church and we have ample parking.

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I live on the edge of Buxton and I am a Reader at St Peter's church in Fairfield.

Until I retired I worked  in theological education, latterly as Vice Principal of the Yorkshire Ministry Course where I taught Pastoral Studies, Human Relationships  Ethics .and beginners Greek. I was a diocesan rep  on General Synod for many years and I now review Theological Courses and Colleges for the national Ministry Division.

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My name is Christine Holmes-Elener.

I worship at St. Lawrence Church, Whitwell, which is part of the North East Derbyshire Deanery. I attended local schools before graduating from Homerton College, Cambridge.

I am a PCC member, Sunday School/ Youth leader and an active supporter of many of the church groups including Bible study group, Ladies worship group, Messy Church, Mission planning and funding groups.

My work also includes being Lay Chair of The North East Derbyshire Deanery and I presently serve on Diocesan Synod, Bishops Council, Business Committee and the Vocations Team.

I have been a primary school teacher in Derbyshire for 25 years and a Headteacher for a number of years.

Throughout all of this time, at the heart of my teaching and headship was my passion and commitment to work with all those involved in school to provide the highest possible education for all our students and to empower them to believe that they can achieve success and become whatever they wanted to be.

As well as encouraging young people I was always keen to support and encourage staff aspiring to go further.

I always greatly valued the many parent and other volunteers who helped in the schools I worked.

I have a keen interest and deep passion for supporting others to achieve their dreams. This is why I wanted to be a Vocations Advisor.

As a Christian it would be a great privilege to walk with someone  seeking their calling to find their special work in God and for God as it says in Ephesians 4:16

“He makes the whole Body fit together perfectly. As each part does its own special work, it helps the other parts grow so that the whole Body is healthy and growing and full of love.”

Please use the form below to get in touch with me and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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Welcome to the Vocations page, nice to know you are exploring God’s call in your life, something we all do from time to time as Christians.

I have followed that call through the ups and downs of life, and am as surprised as anyone that it has led to ordination as a priest in the Church of England. I’ve been a Vocations Adviser since early days as a curate (trainee) and I love to listen to life stories, helping each other to discern and put into words where God has worked in our lives and what He might be getting us ready for next. I am so grateful for those who guided and counselled me; every journey I make with someone enhances my own journey of faith.

I live in Ashbourne, you’re welcome to visit me at my home, or I will travel to you, across the Diocese.


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Revd Aron Simpson - Young Vocations Champion

I am the Vicar of Swanwick and Pentrich, and have a background in Art, youth work and restaurant management.

I also love karting in my spare time. Why do I choose to be a vocation advisor?

Well, what gives me energy is listening to people’s stories and hearing about their journeys.

My desire is to help others see and discover their potential in God.

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Why I am a Vocation Adviser

Alistair Langton – Mob/Txt 07976 212888

It has been a joy to work as Diocesan Youth Adviser in Derby Diocese for almost 20 years. In that time, it has been a real privilege to accompany many young people in their journey through the teenage years and become established in a whole range of jobs and professions or contemplate how God works through them as a parent and homemaker as well as in being a volunteer in the local church or community. I also enjoy working with adults, many youth leaders have cut their teeth in leadership in the church and I’ve been delighted to see them move on with this experience in the bank.

It is the relationship role that I particularly enjoy, listening to stories and encouraging folk to reflect on their gifts and talents, on what God and others might be saying to them and then providing space and opportunities for them to try new things and take that next step on the road that God is taking them.

Derby Diocese takes vocation seriously, it values lay people and believes that every person, young or old, lay or ordained has an important role to play in building God’s Kingdom in every community in Derbyshire and beyond.

Alistair lives near to the south-east corner of the diocese but is happy to chat anywhere in Derbyshire as I cover the whole diocese in my role.

As well as training as a Lay Reader he is an ardent Nottingham Forest Fan and enjoys swimming, theatre or performing on stage with Long Eaton Operatic Society.

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