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Messy church

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Messy Church is a way of being church for all ages.

It involves having fun and being creative.

It involves playing and eating together.

It involves learning and worshipping together.

There are many Messy Churches in our diocese and there are also regional advisers – volunteers who with offer help and ideas for your Messy Church.

See the Messy Church website for an up to date list of local groups and regional advisers.

If you aren’t subscribing to “Get Messy” then it would be good to have a look at this magazine, published quarterly and costs £16.35 for a yearly subscription.

Each magazine has four Messy sessions completely planned, as well as articles and interesting background information.

You can order this magazine from the Messy Church website, but if you have any problems, contact me, Sarah.brown@derby.anglican.org


If you have a resource which would be helpful to include please let Sarah know at Sarah.brown@derby.anglican.org

If you would like information about a particular area, please get in touch. The Messy Church website is very helpful:

  1. Messy Church Safeguarding
  2. Messy Church Risk Assessment  
  3. Messy Church Recommended Reading  
  4. Messy Church Session ideas
  5. Messy Church Session Material
  6. Messy Church Recipes
  7. Session Planning and forms
  8. Messy Church Logo

Ideas for Messy Church

Messy Science ideas

Pre-school activities for Messy Church

Messy Challenge

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