The University of Derby’s new course: The Identification of Worker Exploitation

The course directly focuses on the demands placed upon businesses (who are involved in supply chain labour) as a consequence of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The legislation places the onus firmly on such  businesses to ensure that there is no labour exploitation in that supply chain. Identification may be clear and sometimes much less so. Identification can occur on the frontline. There is an additional course for those involved in contract management, training workforce, Human Resource managers, and the like. This course involves more in depth coverage of legislation, procedures, compliance with GLA, and (in the face to face training) how to undertake such interviews with labour suppliers that
better ensure that the information obtained in those meetings with labour suppliers is reliable . The course will be assessed at different stages by knowledge checks, skills assessment, and the production of a reflective portfolio, and an action plan in the context of their work environment. University certification will be awarded for successful students.

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