Vicar loiters within tent in Norfolk Square

Whitfield Vicar to spend four days listening and answering questions

Ever wonder what a vicar does the other six days of the week? Need someone to listen to you? Feel angry about something? Got a tricky problem or question about the meaning of life? Perhaps you just want a chat? You’ll have the opportunity if you’re in Glossop’s Norfolk Square from Monday 15 June to Thursday 18 June any time between 9 and 5.

Andrew Hargreaves, Vicar of Whitfield Parish, will be sitting under his gazebo in the square to give  an opportunity to the people of the town to talk to a Christian leader about anything that bothers or puzzles them. Although St Luke’s and St James’ Churches lie either side of the A57, Andrew wants to provide an opportunity on the High Street to listen and talk to anyone with a question or just a story to tell.

‘I’ll be there,’ says Andrew, ‘to listen to anything people want to share or to any questions they have about God or life. I’ll be there to say sorry on behalf of the church to anyone who feels hurt or let down and I’ll pray for people who ask. I also love finding out what the people of Glossop believe.’

Come along and join Andrew in the Square any time from Monday to Thursday  – he’s looking forward to meeting you. At least you’ll be able to find out if Andrew’s decided to carry on growing his new beard!

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