Mental Health in Derby Diocese



  • The steering group who worked on these issues has closed November 2018. Stella Collishaw remains linked with local networks on behalf of the Diocese and will support you in developing work with your community to improve wellbeing and raising awareness of it.


  • National resource 'Promoting mental health' see below.



  • One recommendation is participation in Christian quiet days. Quiet Days allow participants to simply make space from the busy pace and pressure of life. Time to reflect and step outside of usual routine is also of benefit. Local opportunities including those offered at the Convent of the Holy Name can be found on the Spirituality Group page.


  • Insight on wellbeing from the New Economics Foundation '5 ways to wellbeing' is in the paragraph below. This scheme is widely adopted.



  • If you cannot take a day why not take a moment to slow down, be still, notice how you are feeling, listen to your breathing, take a moment to shut off the 'to do' list, sense with your spirit, find a prayer-like space without words, remain for a few moments, then sense the presence of God. You may choose to pray with us today  click here



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