Prayer Walks

By Revd Canon Alan Harper

Our churches are a great resource for prayer but so are the areas around them.  The rising importance of Celtic spirituality with its emphasis on God as the centre but rooted in creation is just one manifestation of this approach to spirituality.  A prayer walk leaflet can take many forms.  This is a link to a series of prayers we use for our Annual Rogation walk which could very easily be adapted into a leaflet to have available in your church. 

A walk is a journey a little pilgrimage, a chance to put down our burdens, open our hearts and walk humbly with God.   Since most of our walks will be circular it might be worth identifying a destination.  We have a community Orchard with a couple of quiet places, and a prayer circle, that’s me sitting there. 

You may not have that sort of amenity but identify a destination; a place to rest before returning.  You might perhaps begin to build a cairn, with the permission of the landowner, and have some stones or pebbles available in church that the walker can collect and leave behind before beginning their return journey.

There are four stages on such a prayer walk:

Preparation – perhaps some time in church dedicating some time to be really present to God.

The journey itself – disorientating at first as you enter a new place, but as the journey continues a sense of releasing tensions and letting go of distractions.

On arrival – the destination is reached and time can be spent in prayer and reflection, feeling the presence of God.

The return journey – there is time to recognise new feelings, new thoughts and insights; perhaps a sense of joy, a new resolution or an insight to take away and reflect upon.

The arrival back - the reconnection with everyday life, perhaps with a short time of prayer,

and if possible a cup of tea or a bowl of soup in the church.



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