There are many useful resources on the web which can be used to assist in stewardship campaigns. Select the heading to be taken to the website.


Parish Resources

This site is provided by the Church of England's National Stewardship Department and offers a wide range of resources to support all aspects of stewardship in the local church.

There are pages for those who preach and teach about stewardship, for encouraging giving in the local church, for Treasurers, Gift Aid secretaries and for those involved in seeking funding for major projects. 

There are also resources for PCC members in their role as charity trustees, guidance on registering larger PCCs with the Charity Commission, a stewardship toolkit for rural churches, a good practice guide for managing parish reserves, and a number of activities for use in teaching stewardship topics to young people.


Stewardship – transforming generosity

Provide training and resources to help churches develop a biblical perspective on money matters. You will need to register to access all the resources available. The Seasons of Giving resources give some imaginative ways to approach a stewardship programme.


The Church of Scotland National Stewardship Programme

Developed by the Church of Scotland; a flexible approach to encourage congregations to review the giving of time, talent and money or just money. Poses questions about objectives, suggests events and how to communicate with individuals.


The Parish Funding Programme – Guildford Diocese

For parishes wishing to undertake a full stewardship programme (or annual renewal) the Parish Funding Programme (PFP) has a proven record of generating increases in Planned Giving. It encourages each parish to discern its vision and future plans, as the focus for an increase in Planned Giving.


The Money Revolution – John Preston

The book and associated website gives guidance on how we should handle our money based on the premise that all we have belongs to God.


Giving in Grace

Diocese of Liverpool site, with an abundance of resources which can be mixed and matched to form a major stewardship programme or an annual review, whichever is appropriate. It is recommended that parishes should follow their programme.


TRIO (The Responsibility is Ours)

Available as a binder with the materials needed for running a programme, based on presenting the needs of the parish to the church members. Includes:

a. guidance on running a programme:

b. sample presentations:

c. sample leaflets.

Southwark Diocese makes a charge for the materials to cover their costs.


Caring for the future - Legacies

This website offers a range of resources to help people think about making or reviewing a will, and how this fits into the Christian life.


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