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Building Community Fund

This new £100k fund is aimed at supporting local congregations to act with a generous faith, through engaging with and embracing the communities they seek to serve. The Diocesan Vision encourages us to be outward facing, rooted in and connected to our communities.

There is an expectation that parishes will work in partnership and create networks for the common good, with particular care for the marginalised and vulnerable. The projects this fund is seeking to support are those which see the church proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom in word and action. The church needs to be good news for all, and this means projects that look to include and/or partner with, other groups or individuals in the host community, demonstrating meaningful and open engagement with those who have had little or no contact with the congregation.

The Diocese wishes to particularly encourage churches to reach out to those who have not considered the church community as a group to which they can relate. Projects that build on the notion of tolerance, reconciliation and friendship will be of particular interest, as will projects that clearly demonstrate the key characteristic of outward-facing generosity, impacting the world for good​.

You can apply for up to £2000 without match funding required. Further information, criteria and application forms can be downloaded from the funding pages on the Diocesan website or requested from the Community Project Development Officer, Gareth Greenwood by email at gareth.greenwood@derby.anglican.org

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis to be considered by the Business Committee. For monthly cut-off dates, see below.

Remaining 2021 application deadlines:

November 1st - Business Committee on November 18th

November 29th - Business Committee on December 16th

You can download the application form and criteria here



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