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Generosity Week 2022

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Generosity Week newsletter

The National Giving Team will be offering a newsletter for a limited time only to help you get ready for Generosity Week 2022. It's very short, and if you sign up, you'll receive it every Wednesday only until the end of September ... and then it will stop!

Download and read Issue 1 here 

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Resources for Churches

You can run Generosity Week in your church to coincide with your Harvest Festival. As churches celebrate Harvest at different times this could be at any time between August to October. But if that doesn't work for you, don't let it put you off. We are called to be generous 365 days a year, so run it whenever suits you! Take a look below at the various resources your church might use during Generosity Week. All the resources are available on the Church of England website here.

1. Promoting Generosity Week

However you want to promote Generosity Week, there are a range of customisable resources available:

Promotional flyer

Generosity Week video using the video generator on A Church Near You

Graphics and copy for Church’s own social media accounts

Branded email signatures (jpeg) - version 1, version 2, version 3 and version 4

Branded Powerpoint template


2. Reflections and activities

Eight downloadable podcasts look in some depth at what the Bible has to say about Generosity. There are also reflections and activities – ways to put learning into action.


3. Resources

Generosity Week and young people

Celebrating our Legacy – exploring the legacy we have received from the generosity of others, and what our role might be in passing on that legacy to future generations. Leaders’ guide and participants’ booklet available.


4. Liturgy

There is a selection of service outlines, sermon starters and forms of prayer for churches to adapt and use, including:

Eight daily morning prayer services

Weekly service material on both Grace and Gratitude

Eucharist celebrating Generosity

Eucharist celebrating Gratitude

Service of the Word celebrating Generosity

Service of the Word celebrating Gratitude

Service content packs covering both Generosity
and Gratitude.


5. What happens next?

Generosity doesn’t end after Generosity Week. These resources are designed to build on the interest and make generosity an integral part of church life. The following resources are designed to help guide churches through their next steps.

Generous Church Toolkit – for the PCC to reflect on, highlighting what’s going well and where the learning points are

Generosity Fika – a half day programme for small groups to explore God’s generosity to us



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