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Monday, 26 November 2012 13:38

Tots to Teens in One Group

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Do you have a huge age range in your Sunday School group? Perhaps you have toddlers and teenagers using the same space and resources and you're struggling to meet the varied needs of the children you work with week by week.

I am offering some training to help come up with some solutions to this surprisingly common dilemma. There are two options - I am running a Tots to Teens event on Saturday 2nd Feb at St John's Church. Walton, Chesterfield. This session will run from 1.00-2.30pm and will be followed by two other training events, one on Holiday Clubs and one on Positive Behaviour. You are welcome to stay for one, two or all of these events. There is no charge and tea/coffee will be provided.

If this isn't a good time or place for you, then why not book me to come to your church to work with your team? even if you are small in number I'd be pleased to come and help you think through the issues and some of the solutions to having Tots to Teens in one group.

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