Appointment of a New Bishop

Bishop Alastair retired as Bishop of Derby on 31/8/18. 

When there is no bishop, the vacancy is known as a Vacancy-in-See. 

The process to appoint a new diocesan bishop is led, on behalf of the Diocese, by the Vacancy-in-See Committee, the members of which listed below.

The Archdeacon of Derby, the Venerable Dr Christopher Cunliffe, has been elected as Chair of the Committee by Bishop’s Council, and the Registrar, Mrs Nadine Waldron, has been elected Secretary. 

They will be the ones primarily involved in organising the process following guidance from the Archbishops’ Appointments’ Secretary, in this instance Mr Brad Cook, and from the Prime Minister’s Appointments’ Secretary, Mr Edward Chaplin. 

The dedicated e-mail address by which people will be able to write to the Vacancy-in-See Committee is  No individual responses will be made but views and comments will be considered as part of the process of appointing a new bishop. 


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