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Archdeacons' Church Visits

The Archdeacons of Chesterfield and Derby

Archdeacons’ Inspections 2019-20

Thank you all for your ministry as Churchwardens.

In 2019 - 2020, we are aiming to set up some visits to your churches.  These will be carried out by either the Archdeacons, Area Deans or a senior lay representative.

These visits are designed to help you in your work as a churchwarden, and they are a chance for you to have a discussion on anything that you might need help with in order to carry out your duties.


Visits in the Archdeaconry of Chesterfield

Following her installation last year, Archdeacon Carol is setting up a series of visits which will take place over the next three years, starting in 2019.

These visits will be extended over the whole diocese in 2020.

If you don’t have a visit from Archdeacon Carol this year, you may instead see your Area Dean or a senior lay representative.

This will help us build up a clearer picture of the Chesterfield Archdeaconry and appreciate any particular concerns you may have and wish to share.

The visits will be organised for a mutually convenient time.  

You will be contacted to fix a date, but if you would like more choice of the dates on offer, then please call Cathy Luffman, PA to the Archdeacons, on 01332 388676 ( Monday to Thursday) or email her on  .

In order to make best use of the time, there is a preparatory form to complete which has some of the standard “inspection” questions on it.

You fill out the parts of it indicated and the rest will be completed during the visit.

The first page deals with your buildings, some aspects of your finances and certificates for utilities and insurance. 

We check these to make sure you are compliant with legal and insurance demands. 

We recognise that quite a bit of time can be taken up finding all the necessary certificates, so we are asking that you photocopy the front page of each certificate and attach these to the sheet beforehand.  If you wish, you can send photographs of these by email during the week before the meeting, but please make sure it is very clear in the email which church they relate to. 

If you do not have the appropriate certificate, then please include a comment on the reason for this. (e.g. - the next fire extinguisher service is due this month). Some of the questions may require you to liaise with other parish officers and it may be good to bring the whole form to the PCC for a discussion before the visit. 

Please fill in page 1 before the inspection.

The second page concerns the Registers, Polices, Safeguarding and Log Books.  

We would like to see all the Registers, but you will only have to display all the log books and ornaments if the Archdeacon is visiting you.

These will be looked at on a three-year cycle. Please be prepared though to complete the form with the person conducting your visit.

The third page is the most important one and is the one which we hope will facilitate some discussion. 

The idea is for the conversation to be about your plans for mission for the coming year, with a focus on outreach, schools’ ministry, discipleship and the use of your buildings. We would also be interested to see how you are working towards your pledge to the Parish Common Fund, Stewardship and your use of Internet/ websites and GDPR compliance.

You can download the form here [Word doc]

The idea is that these visits are orientated to the mission of the church, and the Archdeacons are really looking forward to hearing how you have developed your own church’s mission and ministry and what your plans may be for forthcoming years.

The Archdeacons are both extremely grateful for the time and hard work you all contribute to the life of the church, and they hope that these visits will honour and recognise this. 

Hence, this is a meeting for churchwardens, and the Incumbent is not expected to be present.


Visits in the Archdeaconry of Derby

The vast majority of visits for this area will begin in 2020.

However, it may be that a few visits by Area Deans or Lay Chairs are arranged to “spot check” the procedure.

If you would like an earlier visit than 2020, this can also be arranged. Please call Cathy Luffman, PA to the Archdeacons, on 01332 388676 ( Monday to Thursday) or email her on

Please follow the instructions in the section above which relate to completion of the form and how to book a visit.

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Churchwardens - Roles and responsibilities

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Churchwarden-led worship


Those who are asked to lead worship on behalf of others are undertaking an important responsibility.

Clergy and Readers are licensed by the Bishop to lead worship.

Churchwardens may also lead worship.

Many churches now have groups of worship leaders who prepare and lead non-eucharistic worship.



Here are a worship resource sheet (PDF) and some orders of service that churchwardens can use if they need to lead an act of worship at short notice.  The orders of service are Word docs so they can be adapted if needed.

BCP - Morning Prayer (Word doc)

CW - Morning Prayer (Word doc)

BCP - Evening Prayer (Word doc)

CW - Evening Prayer (Word doc)

Worship for all family (Word doc)Worship for all family (Word doc)

Resource sheet for churchwardens leading worship (PDF)

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