This fund offers parishes an exciting opportunity to develop their local church or hall premises, making them more community and mission shaped, and accessible to people of all ages and abilities.

Your project needs to meet outcomes which achieve and support mission, community or growth. A preference will be given to applications from parishes in deprived areas of the Diocese. The maximum grant available will be £25,000 and requires match funding. Parishes will be required to take up grants within two years of a successful application. 

Applications will be assessed by the Business Committee on a quarterly basis. 

The fund is not available for maintenance or repair and cannopt be applied for retrospectively.


To dowbload the fund criteria and general information click HERE


To download an an application Form click HERE

 For any further information about applying for the Raymond Ross Large Grants email: gareth.greenwood@derby.anglican.org

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This new £100k fund is aimed at supporting local congregations to act with a generous faith, through engaging with and embracing the communities they seek to serve. The Diocesan Vision encourages us to be outward facing, rooted in and connected to our communities.

There is an expectation that parishes will work in partnership and create networks for the common good, with particular care for the marginalised and vulnerable. The projects this fund is seeking to support are those which see the church proclaiming the good news of the Kingdom in word and action. The church needs to be good news for all, and this means projects that look to include and/or partner with, other groups or individuals in the host community, demonstrating meaningful and open engagement with those who have had little or no contact with the congregation.

The Diocese wishes to particularly encourage churches to reach out to those who have not considered the church community as a group to which they can relate. Projects that build on the notion of tolerance, reconciliation and friendship will be of particular interest, as will projects that clearly demonstrate the key characteristic of outward-facing generosity, impacting the world for good​.

You can apply for up to £2000 without match funding required. Further information, criteria and application forms can be downloaded here or requested from the Community Project Development Officer, Gareth Greenwood by email at gareth.greenwood@derby.anglican.org


Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis to be considered by the Business Committee.


You can download the application form and criteria here

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Do you have a small church project that could have a big impact?

Are you looking for a relatively small grant that requires no match funding?

If so, this could be just right for you; £5,000 to fund small but not insignificant capital projects that will generate outcomes which achieve and support mission, community or growth.

There are always good ideas on the boil to enhance welcome, improve accessibility, or perhaps to make small but much needed changes to internal areas. So now is the time to make a significant impact through a small change.

Details, including a full list of criteria and downloadable application form, are available below.

 If you are successful, you will be expected to draw on the grant within 12 months.


>> Download The Raymond Ross Small Grants Scheme information and criteria [PDF]

Download Application Form here

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Please click here for the National Grants List which lists the charitable grants available to churches

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If you are unsure as to the cicumstances in which you can apply for a loan under this scheme, don't hesitate to contact the Head of Finance

Download application form here

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Help with funding ... get in touch as early as possible as it can save a lot of time in the long run!

Raising funds from external sources (charitable trusts, government funding streams, the National Lottery etc) is a complicated and time consuming affair and it needs dedication.  

There is a wide range of support available through different agencies across Derbyshire, contact details for which are available from Gareth Greenwood, the Community Project Development Officer.  

These include software to search through the many thousands of trusts and funding streams to select those who may be persuaded to fund your initiative.

From time to time specific trusts or funding streams are drawn to our attention and we have listed a few of them here.

Finally please do keep in touch with us, we may be able to offer support and help and we would love to hear how you get on, successful or otherwise, so that others can learn from your experience.


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The Community Action Officer is able to offer funding via churches and other organisations in Derbyshire advocating on behalf of lone parents in particular need.  

Amounts up to £150 can be applied for by writing to Lone Parent Fund, Derby Church House, Full Street, Derby, DE1 3DR marking the envelope and letter confidential or apply by email to Gareth.Greenwood@derby.anglican.org  

The Lone Parent Fund provides emergency grants for lone parents, usually to assist with buying an essential domestic item. A letter of referral is required from a member of the clergy, or staff of an appropriate voluntary organisation. Applications will not be accepted directly from the person who will benefit from the grant.

The definition of a lone parent for the purpose of this grant: 

a) A parent who has care as a single person without the resident support of an adult spouse or partner (which could be demonstrated for example, by their receipt of lone parent element of child benefit for that child and a tenancy in one adult persons name) and excluding a parent who remains part of a couple but whose partner or spouse works away from the family home or is temporarily absent. 

b) The lone parent must be living with and be the carer of a son, or daughter, or be the guardian of at least one child, or young person resident in their home and placed in their permanent care who is 18 years of age or younger.

Please include details of whom to make any cheque payable, as grants will not be made direct to the lone parent. The referrer is expected to be able to vouch for the genuineness of the application and ensure the money is spent according to the application. Any evidence of this (copy of receipt) should be forwarded to the office. Applications are dealt with as soon as reasonably possible and with care to keep applicants names confidential. Unfamilar organisations will be tested to be found genuine.

Grants are typically made where a family have fled to emergency accommodation because of domestic violence or similar danger and they are in need of essentials which had to be left behind. Grants are also made where there are additional pressures or vulnerabilities for the family e.g. children who have been victims of abuse, a member of the family has a disability with significant impact to family life, the active parent is particularly young, or the family have had recent experience of homelessness / temporary accommodation. Grants are not made for reoccurring outgoings such as purchasing school uniforms, and also not made to contribute to paying off accumulated debts.

We welcome applications on behalf of lone parents of the Christian faith, other faiths, or who have no faith allegiance. Please mark them as confidential. Where the agency or worker is unfamiliar to us you should expect that we will make checks to ensure the application is bona fide, especially with email applications and where there is an anonymous return address or PO box.

We are grateful for the donations made by Christian Groups and individuals across the Diocese which have supported this fund in recent years. Donations can be made to the Lone Parent Fund with cheques made payable to “Derby Diocesan Board of Finance”.

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Particular charitable trusts or other funding streams are regularly brought to our attention and we include them here.  Please note however that there are a wide range of trusts and if you are serious about raising trust funding it is always worth doing a systematic search of funding sources.  Various organisations have software to help you do this including the Councils for Voluntary Service in districts across Derbyshire and in Derby itself.

Derbyshire County Council has a useful page listing some local sources of funding. It also has access to GrantNet, an online directory of sources of funding. 

Funding Central, is a similar national resource.

Click here for further funding. 

Feedback please ...

If you have any experience of applying to these or other trusts that you want to share, again please do contact gareth.greenwood@derby.anglican.org  and we may include it on this page so that others can learn from your experience.

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New National List of Charitable Grants: http://www.parishresources.org.uk/news/national-list-of-charitable-grants-for-churches/

A Guide to finding funding, investment and support 
Produced by the East Midlands Funding Forum and launched at One East Midlands annual conference on 21 November, Funding the East Midlands has been developed to help signpost groups and organisations to finding the right funding, investment or support for their community and social projects. The booklet is a start point for those new to finding funding and investment, but also a reminder for those more experienced of the wide range of funders and investors still supporting the East Midlands region. – download the guide from:-


Forget the grant – how to raise local donor funding http://localgiving.com/

South Derbyshire CVS offers a comprehensive Funding Advice Service
To any group or organisation working in or supporting people from South Derbyshire. If you have an idea for a project or need funding to carry on doing what you’re already doing, then the team, may be able to help you. The team can offer advice on what funding is available, how to make an effective bid and much more, so for more information please contact them on 01283 219761 or email development@sdcvs.org.uk.

40 minutes to improve your funding applications
For a series of brief video clips and exercises which could improve your bid writing go to http://www.knowhownonprofit.org/studyzone/write-a-winning-funding-bid-1/write-a-winning-funding-bid-part-1

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