Julian of Norwich - "Revelations of Divine Love"

A 30 day reading guide to follow as an individual or in small groups working through Julian of Norwich's spiritual classic 'Revelations of Divine Love', please not you will need to purchase a copy of the text. 

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Spirituality is probably one of the most overworked and misunderstood words in present day religious vocabulary.

In the context of our life and mission in the Diocese of Derby we are particularly concerned with Christian Spirituality which is deeply embedded in the life and history of the Church.

In these days many people are taking their own journey into God far more seriously. There is a real thirst within the Church as well as in the world for the things of God.

To try to address this, our Christian Spirituality Group tries to provide people who can accompany others on this journey as listeners and spiritual directors. We also provide courses, quiet days and retreats. Details of all these things will appear from time to time on this website and in other places.

We hope that we will be able to offer something to assist those who feel themselves to be beginners on the journey as well those who are ready to take a further step on a journey maybe started many years ago.

One thing is certain, none of us have arrived and all are in need of the support, prayer and assistance of our brothers and sisters in Christ. The Christian Spirituality Group is there as one way of enabling this to happen within our Diocese.

Revd Richard Reade
Chair of Diocesan Spirituality Group

01629 581233 | richardreade@btinternet.com 

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Spirituality learning

  • Leading Intercessions
    How to lead God's people in prayer. Interactive lesson Approx time: 30 mins
  • Planning a Prayer Walk
    Top tips and information for planning a prayer walk near you. Interactive lesson Approx time: 30 mins
  • Spirituality in Later Life
    Dementia and creating a dementia-friendly church. Interactive lesson Approx time: 30 mins
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Have you the urge to put pen to paper? Is there something burning inside you that you would like to express in writing? If so, Café Writers could be for you. We are a group of writers of many genres and all levels from absolute beginner to published author. We meet together every two months on a Saturday morning in the Sir Richard Morris Lounge at the Cathedral Café.  

Writers come in all shapes and sizes. Your interests may be to write poetry or prayers. You may enjoy journalling, producing short stories and articles, or a have ideas for a book. Or do you want to start a blog or write your life story for your family? You may be a complete novice or a published author. Whatever your preference and your level of expertise, writing can be a lonely business and this is where a group can help.

The aim of this group, which is affiliated to the Association of Christian Writers, is to provide a safe space where we can meet and network with others who share an interest in writing. The key element is to gain some encouragement, inspiration and motivation from one another to get moving (or keep going!)

If you would like to find out more about our ongoing series of talks and meetings or join our mailing list, please contact Richard and Eirene Palmer on 07592 303048 or drop us an email at derbychrwriters@gmail.com

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Many people, lay and ordained, now recognise that it can be helpful to have someone alongside them on their pilgrimage, someone who has the gift of listening creatively to others and who offers a safe place of acceptance and encouragement.

Sometimes this need grows out of a fruitful experience on retreat.

Often it can be at a time of crisis, when old patterns are disturbed or when we feel an urge to take seriously our quest for meaning in life and we want to go deeper into our journey of faith.

Maybe we want help with our prayer life or to test a particular calling. Maybe we are finding it difficult to deal with events or relationships in our life.

This can be a chance to reflect on what has been happening and to put things in perspective.  

This is called ‘Spiritual Direction’ or ‘Spiritual Companionship’, but other terms such as ‘Soul Friend’ (from the Celtic tradition) are used.

It is available to all who wish to see more clearly where God is at work in their lives.

Become a spiritual accompanier

Applications are now open until mid-December for the next experiential Art of Spiritual Accompaniment course, which begins in March 2022 for both lay and ordained people, exploring listening, prayer and discernment seeking to determine whether God might be calling them to the ministry of accompanying others in their spiritual journey.

It consists of four face-to-face Saturdays and 11 evening Zoom sessions which include space and silence, an exploration of different ways of praying, practical listening skills in triads, reflection time in small groups and teaching about spiritual traditions and good practice.

For more information, please contact nicky.fenton@bishopofderby.org

What happens?
Most people see their Spiritual Companion once every four to twelve weeks.

It may be a long-term relationship or for a limited period. There are no rules about this.

The meeting has a sacramental nature, for God uses it as a channel for grace.

It calls for a sense of trust, confidentiality and for openness from both, in the knowledge that the meeting takes place in the presence of God.

The purpose is to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal the direction.

Suggestions may be offered of ways to pray, ideas for helpful reading, as well as practical suggestions relating to life choices, but the final decisions are always left in the hands of the person seeking guidance.

How do you find someone?
In the Diocese of Derby we have a list of people of different traditions and backgrounds who offer this service and two Portfolio Holders in Spiritual Direction who will help you to find the right person.

The choice of a companion is likely to have important consequences in your life.

For this reason you might be invited to come for an informal meeting with one of them, so that they could talk with you about your expectations and ‘get a feel’ for the sort of person you would hope for.

To access a spiritual director, please contact:

Revd Nicky Fenton - nicky.fenton@derby.anglican.org


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