Living in Love and Faith

Living in Love and Faith is a Church of England initiative to encourage engagement across the whole church with Christian teaching about identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage - and should be a priority for all leaders in the Diocese of Derby.

This teaching and learning is primarily through a five-session course for small groups.

The Diocese of Derby is committed to participating in LLF and will be holding in-person and online courses across the diocese to help people to explore the material.

Safety for all participants is paramount so training for group facilitators is available to ensure, as far as we are able, that those who may have been wounded by the Church in the past are able to share their experiences in a calm and non judgemental environment.

The breadth of teaching and doctrine in this area is wide and varied. 

This means that all participants will come to the course from a different perspective, so good listening, mutual respect and patience will be encouraged. 

Sharing one another's lived experience is important so that we can learn from each other.

LLF is not about changing people’s minds or rubbishing deeply held beliefs; rather it is about hearing from each other, to seek to understand the pain of the past and to find a way forward as a church that honours God and all of His children.


Get involved

Thursday 7 October  9.30am to 12noon – Living in Love and Faith Taster Day (on Zoom)

Eeva John, the Enabling Office for the LFF project nationally, will be joining us to offer a taste of LLF, as well as outlining the origin and purpose of the project. It will be available on Zoom, publicised across the Diocese and open to everyone. 

Please click on this link to book your place - joining details will be included in your confirmation email.


Courses across the Diocese of Derby

These are currently in the planning stage and courses listed here on the Diocesan website will have trained facilitators and access to a chaplain. 

We hope there will be opportunity for in person/face-to-face meetings as well as online. 

Courses that are organised locally – ie by a parish church – will usually be run by a parish priest or lay person and we are unable to guarantee whether or not they have undergone the facilitator training.

Click here to register your interest in forthcoming courses and we will notify you when the timetable is available.


More about LLF

Living in Love and Faith (LLF) explores Christian teaching and learning about human identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

The Church of England's extensive LLF resources draw together the bible, theology, science and history with real-life stories.

They were commissioned by the House of Bishops and include a book, a series of films and podcasts and a course following three years’ work by a group of more than 40 people from across the Church.

They are intended to initiate a process of whole Church learning and engagement in 2021, within a clear timeframe, that will contribute to the Bishops’ discernment of a way forward in relation to questions of human identity, sexuality, relationships and marriage.

The Living in Love and Faith resources include a 480-page book, a series of films and podcasts and an online library of other publications.

At the heart of the project is a five-session course which is shaped to encourage reflection, discussion with others and feeding back.

The course can be carried out online or in-person (when Covid restrictions are lifted). 

It emphasises six 'Pastoral Principles' to enable honest speaking and respectful listening in as safe a space as possible.

All churches are invited to participate, with feedback gathered via several means including an anonymised online survey for individual participants and group leaders.

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