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Discipleship Training

Growing faith and developing ministry

Our exciting, easy-to-access training is available for all who want to deepen their faith, grow in discipleship and develop the gifts God has given them in the service of the church. 

The training is open to all who want to learn more about their faith and also to those who want to develop in ministry. 

You don't need any formal qualifications to take any of the modules, just some good thinking and reflecting skills.

You can work towards a Certificate of Mission & Ministry by completing the whole course with assignments or you can simply do the modules for your own faith journey.

You can do one module or many, and you can start, stop for a while and then pick up again later. 

The training is modular, which simply means that you will spend 10 sessions looking at a particular subject (for example, the Bible or Pastoral Care or Mission and Evangelism etc). 

These 10 sessions make up one module.

You will do 7 of these sessions on your own in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you and the other 3 sessions will be done on Zoom.  

Find out more and request an Information Pack from our new training website www.discipleship-training.org or contact the course Administrator, Fiona.bennett@derby.anglican.org.

Sign up now for January 2022:

Three options are available:

For Those who Would Like to Complete a Full Course
The Diocesan Certificate in Mission and Ministry (CMM) Course:
As noted above, the course is designed to help you growth in your faith and the develop the ministry to which God has called you at this time and place in your life. This is now all online and can be completed from the comfort of your own home. The course is modular and each module consists of seven sessions which you complete on your own and three which you complete with other students on Study Days via Zoom.

For Those who Think They May Be Called to Licensed Lay (Reader) Ministry 
Do you think God may be calling to be a Licensed Lay Minister (Reader)? If so you may want to sign up to the new LLM(R) Training Course. The first year of the new course starts in January and is now a discernment year which you can take while working with a Vocations Adviser and the supervision of your incumbent.  This gives you the opportunity to explore whether Reader ministry is for you.  You will need the support of your incumbent (or the equivalent in a Vacancy) in order to sign up for this course.

For Those who would like to just Deepen Their Faith
Take single modules as and when they are running. The modules running next term (15 January to 19 March 2022) are:

  • Introductory Level Module: Everyday Faith
  • Advanced Level Module: Mission and Evangelism

Closing date for applications for next term’s modules, the Certificate in Mission and Ministry and the LLM(Reader) Training Course is 2nd January 2022

Modules each cost a flat fee of £25, payable prior to commencement of each one (you only pay for the modules you study).

Find out more and request an Information Pack visit the Discipleship Training website www.discipleship-training.org  or contact the Course Director, dawn.glen@derby.anglican.org.


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