Following a presentation by the Environment group at Diocesan Synod on June 2018, Synod voted unanimously to become an Eco Diocese.

The motion, proposed by Archdeacon Carol and seconded by Dr Richard Henderson-Smith, was:

"This Synod agrees to implement the process of becoming an Eco Diocese through the efforts of Parishes, Deaneries and Diocesan Officers and Offices as it moves towards applying the gospel mission of caring for God’s Earth for the sake of God’s creatures. This is agreed to be reported, shared and celebrated at Deanery and Diocesan level."

A tale of two churches: See how two churches in the Diocese have taken different approaches to going green:


To find out more, contact Stella Collishaw who coordinates the group 01332 388685 /  e:   

For more about the scheme from Arocha ....

General Synod passed the motion to step up the Environment Programme in response to the escalating threat of Climate Change.

A motion (Friday 22 Feb) brought by the dioceses of London and Truro was approved, committing the Church to accelerating its existing Environmental Programme (CoEEP), and calling on every diocese to put in place an environmental programme overseen by a designated member of the bishop’s staff team.

 The possibility of a standard tool to monitor CO2 emissions in churches, cathedrals and church halls will also be explored.

Sophie Mitchell of the Church of England Youth Council referencing the Climate Emergency School Strike suggested we have been failing in our creation care mandate.

Loretta Minghella said there was no plan B because there was no planet B. She went on to tell of the lobbying progress by the National Pensions and Investments Board.

Click here to catch up with the debate.


Support a local group + join a national environment charity.

Now, more than ever, it is time to join together to lobby about Creation Care. A serious suggestion from A Rocha UK CEO Andy Atkins (Dronfield Nov 2018) is to join a local group and subscribe to a national charity. Numbers count for strengthening the voice of national charities as they campaign and lobby government. Connect with local related charities simply by going to a meeting, volunteering for a day, or following a Facebook group. Joiner or not, you can contact your MP directly and engage with democratic process.

A Rocha blog

IPCC give 12 years to tackle global warming.

Fossil free Churches: Accelerating the transition to a brighter, cleaner future


A new report from Operation Noah - 'Bright Now'


Training and events

In house training  Part of the Learning in Faith offer there is Eco Church training on 5 October 2019 Chesterfield, 6 November 2019 Repton.


Derbyshire Churches Environmental Network  Thursday 24th September, 7 for 7.30pm-9.00pm, Derby West Indian Community Association, Carrington Street, Derby DE1 2 ND.

Speaker Brother Hugh, from Hilfield Friary, Gold Awarded in the Eco Church scheme.

Derbyshire Churches Environment Network plan to offer this session as the first of 3 events over the next year. Open to people from any local church/ college.


Saturday 31 August, 10am-6pm, Manchester M16 8FS, Christian Climate Action training event. A few spaces remain. Cost- donations.


Lincoln conference 30+31 August 2019 Moana – Water of Life – Science meets theology, land meets water.


Green Christian on the Road event 14 September 2019, Manchester.

Chesterfield Climate Strike Friday 20th September, 12pm-3pm Chesterfield Town Hall, Rose Hill, Organised by Chesterfield Climate Alliance and others

School students will once again be taking part in a global day of action against the climate catastrophe and this time they are explicitly calling on people of all ages to join them in the call for zero carbon emissions by 2030. A number of organisations are calling for people and organisations to rally in Chesterfield.

 22-25 Nov 2019: Launde Abbey, Leics: Green Christian Retreat weekend.



What do we as Christians have to learn from Extinction Rebellion?

Creation Time resources from the Church of England 1 September 2019 - 4 October 2019 with links to those from Anglican Communion and ARocha Green Communion.

JRI reflection for Creationtide 2019 by Richard Clarkson.

Sustainable preaching: liturgically linked preaching resources for the current cycle.

Litany for the earth 

New words for the (original Cecil Frances) hymn All things bright and beautiful from A McCosh in Lichfield Diocese.

A new song for season of Creation listen, find sheet music and rehearsal recordings so you can practice for this Season 1 Sept-4 Oct 2019.

Free Cycle Stands for Churches in the City of Derby: Life Cycle UK are offering free cycle stands for churches. In most cases a faculty will be needed for their installation. If you are interested please contact Life Cycle UK direct.

Derby City Council passed the Climate Emergency motion unamended and with no abstentions.

TEARfund rubbish campaign.

Holy Trinity Middleton by Wirksworth has achieved a Bronze Eco Church award and St Barnabas Derby has achieved a silver Eco Church award. Congratulations to all of them for reaping this accolade and helping us all in our aim to become an awarded Eco Diocese.


Climate change and carbon reduction manifesto unveiled by Derbyshire County Council but the motion to declare a climate emergency was not passed. In Derbyshire, Wirksworth Town Council and New Mills Town Council have already declared climate emergencies.


Eco Church

32 parishes in this Diocese have registered as Eco Churches. Five have achieved awards. Eco church FAQs. 1100 churches have registered across England. 3 Dioceses have achieved Bronze Eco Diocese awards - Salisbury, Guildford and Birmingham. To make contact to support a local church or find volunteering opportunities contact or go to find a church.

If you want a presentation for your PCC there is free to use material at Promoting Eco Church. This includes a powerpoint presentation and film clips. the Eco Church website has its own resources page- everything from measuring your carbon footprint, or being wildlife friendly to different types of cup available. Please let us know as you register your parish.

Other resources

Repair Cafe helps reduce waste through mending items that might otherwise be discarded. Please note there are conditions to using the name and logo. There may be one nearby you can access.

Latest newsletter from the Church of England's Environment Programme. In it there's everything from news from Katowice and how Manchester Diocese is supporting an intiative to become the first Cycling City.

Latest newsletter from ARocha UK. In it they suggest 3 environmentally friendly choices for 2019: cut down on meat, drive less and grow your own food.

Bi monthly updates and news are sent out in Find newsletter. More frequent shares on facebook.


Study and preaching resources

Season of Creation resources from the Church of England 1 September 2019 - 4 October 2019.

Sustainable preaching: liturgically linked preaching resources.


Tenants of the King, a 4 part study looking at what the Bible has to say about climate change, from Operation Noah. Worth looking at purely for answers to common questions pages 22-25. Copies were offered at clergy Conference 2018. A group batch can be loaned with usb/dvd resources contact.


Faith in a Changing Climate USPG downloadable study resource with case studies from across the Anglican Communion. Printed copies are available on request. It includes a very helpful page on Climate Change FAQs (p6&7). Copies were circulated by Rev Richard Reade at Clergy Conference 2018.


Church Mission Society study resource 'The Possible world'.

further resources...

The Environment Committee recommend beginning registering as an Eco Church. This gives you access to a tool which helps measure your progress. You save your input and update it, working towards a bronze, silver or gold award. We will celebrate your achievement (details feature in the film clip above) as it helps us work towards an award as a Diocese. 3 of our parishes have awards. Registered and awarded churches are on the Eco church map. The scheme is run by A Rocha UK and is endorsed by The Church of England, the Methodist Church, Christian Aid, TEARfund.

John Beardmore, our Environment Committee engineer and adviser to DAC says:

A simple strategy for environmental decision making  ....


This is a small and dedicated group of volunteers. 

Practical activities led by the group include 

  • training on Eco Church in the Learning in Faith programme
  • a mailing to all PCCS and incumbents July 2019 about Climate Emergency
  • the presentation at June 2019 Synod updating on Eco Diocese and offering reasons to make a policy against fracking
  • the motion at June 2018 Diocesan Synod where we decided to become an Eco Diocese,
  • a paper for the Parsonages Committee on Solar PV, 
  • architect training partnered with DAC,
  • advice to individual parishes,
  • a local performance of Baked Alaska at Melbourne Festival.

Nominations to join us are welcome. We can meet your PCC or you could to come along to meet the committee to share perspectives.  

Contact Stella Collishaw is the contact member of Diocesan staff working with this group. Please send her invites to your events and permission to share them, or news of progress in your patch.

Contact us ...

References from Diocesan Synod June 2019 which included a presentation about 'Fracking'.

Living Lightly is the Environment Group policy focus derived from the Framework now adopted as Diocesan policy. We are encouraging parishes and churches to progress towards Eco Church and have registered as an Eco Diocese.

Eco church FAQs

Other recent publications:

The Framework was approved by Derby Diocesan Synod in February 2013. 

Find articles,

Current issue: Can we join David aginst Goliath?,  which looks at 'fracking'.

Back issues are:  Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creationMy Reflections on Plastic-Less Lent  and Time for Action which you are invited to publish locally including images. To get the newsletter as it is published sign up.

Shrinking the Footprint is the national environment programme from the Church of England.  

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