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Vision resources

The Vision Prayer

Gracious God, 

in your mercy, and for your glory,

renew us, reshape us, revive us - 

with generous faith, courageous hope, and life-giving love -

that, in transformed lives, 

through growing church and building community, 

we may see your Kingdom come 

and be good news for all.



Our Vision is ‘the Kingdom of God: good news for all’.

So, what does the Kingdom of God mean to you and for you – in your everyday life, and in the life of your worshipping community?

The short resource materials on this page have been developed to help you explore what the outworking of the Diocesan Vision might mean in more detail, and in all our diverse and varied contexts.

They do not give the answer but offer a worked example of how you might engage with the Vision summary headings.

The worked examples for ‘Transformed lives’, ‘Growing church’, and ‘Building community’ are as from a local context. ‘Diocesan interventions’ and ‘Aspiration for the future’ offer a reflection on current (April 2021) diocesan engagement and action.

We offer these materials so that you can individually, or as a group, explore what our vision might mean for you and your local context.

You might use all or some of the pages at the same time or over a longer period.

There are no deadlines for discovering and working through these documents – they are for you to use at your pace.

Download the Vision Outline Resources (April 2021) [PDF]

Download the Vision Outline Resources Blank Framework [Word doc]


Mission Action Toolkit 

The Mission Action Toolkit is a set of resources that can help any church, of whatever tradition, size, context or type, to join in with responding to the missional aims of the Diocesan Vision. 

The Toolkit is based on Mission Action Planning for Derby Diocese, which we have been using since 2010 to help churches grow as healthy, worshipping communities that engage in God's mission in the world. However, it is a more focused, streamlined toolkit that is flexible and light-tough enough for any church to use. Churches can use the Toolkit in many different ways and adapt it to suit their own context and style.

The Toolkit isn't another thing to do or an extra initiative. It is a process to help with that which has always been central to the identity, calling and purpose of every single expression of church - to engage in God's mission in the world. It can help churches to acknowledge and celebrate what God is already doing in and through them in mission, and to hear God's call to grow and develop in their mission further.

To download the Toolkit, and find out more about how it could help your church, go to our MAP for Derby Diocese page.

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