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Vision resources

Our Vision is ‘the Kingdom of God: good news for all’.

So, what does the Kingdom of God mean to you and for you – in your everyday life, and in the life of your worshipping community?

The short resource materials on this page have been developed to help you explore what the outworking of the Diocesan Vision might mean in more detail, and in all our diverse and varied contexts.

They do not give the answer but offer a worked example of how you might engage with the Vision summary headings.

The worked examples for ‘Transformed lives’, ‘Growing church’, and ‘Building community’ are as from a local context. ‘Diocesan interventions’ and ‘Aspiration for the future’ offer a reflection on current (April 2021) diocesan engagement and action.

We offer these materials so that you can individually, or as a group, explore what ourVision might mean for you and your local context.

You might use all or some of the pages at the same time or over a longer period.

There are no deadlines for discovering and working through these documents – they are for you to use at your pace.

Download the Vision Outline Resources (April 2021) [PDF]

Download the Vision Outline Resources Blank Framework [Word doc]


Invite into Vision Toolkit

As we work for the coming of God’s Kingdom, we have three missional aims:

  • To see transformed lives:
  • through growing church
  • and building community

That’s all very well, but how? What does that mean for each local church? How can we get involved?

Of course, the transformation of lives comes only through a work of God’s Holy Spirit. But his call to us is to cooperate in that work of transformation. We are all a part of fulfilling that call; we all have a part to play. So, this toolkit is an invitation to take part. It is an invitation into vision. It offers some straightforward steps, including Scripture reflections, questions for discussion and prayer, and some simple actions that any church can do, to help every Christian in every local church to better understand what the vision means for them and to play their part, however big or small, toward fulfilling our vision.

The toolkit is provided in both Word and PDF. It is designed to be taken apart, used and adapted, using the bits that are helpful, at the time they are helpful, in the way they are helpful, for your church.

Download the Invite into Vision Toolkit - Word format

Download the Invite into Vision Toolkit - PDF format

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