Giving and Generosity

Giving and Generosity is at the core of our faith.

We believe in a generous God, a God who gave up everything for us and gave us everything we could ever need.

God calls us to be generous in response to this generosity and to share it with others.

We should not see the money we have (either personally or as a church) as ours, but rather as God’s and we are called to receive these gifts and to sensibly manage them.


We have three sections that will help you and your church to grow and encourage giving and generosity so that you can become increasingly sustainable.

Generosity Week 2023 - Resources for churches planning their Generosity Week.

Generosity Week 2023 Newsletter [PDF]

Enabling Giving – these pages explore how to encourage people to give through practical applications, under the MINT acronym.

Encouraging Generosity – these pages suggests ways of developing a culture of generosity that will lead to greater giving (IDEA acronym).

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Steve Johnson

Living Generously Adviser

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