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Davis, Peter Langdon (Matthias): Prohibition for life with effect from 01/09/17

Stillwell, Wayne Anthony: Prohibition for life with effect from 22/02/13

106:Walton, St John

P70: Revd Chris Van D'Arque new email wordsmith.twentyone@zoho.com


187: Mackworth, St Francis

Please send all communications to churchwarden Kathleen Smith during vacancy


221: Allestree, St Nicholas

P112: New PCC treasurer: Mr Clive Jarrett, 19 chestnut Close, Duffield, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 4HD. 01332 840172


306:Egginton, St Wilfrid

P144: Remove warden Kay marples and add Mrs Wendy cartwright, 41 Wystan Brook, Hilton, Derby, DE65 5JB



p204: Revd Canon Robert Caney new email randjcaney@gmail.com


New PTO - Revd Norman Hayton, 143 Stubley lane, Dronfield, S18 8YL. 01245 291992


As you may know, the Church Representation Rules (CRRs) require a completely new church Electoral Roll (ER) to be prepared every six years. This falls due in 2013. Full details of the process are contained in rules 2(4) – (7) inclusive of the CRRs.

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Download this file (Elect Roll SG4 Notice APCM 2013.doc)notice APCM 2013 28 Kb 07/01/13 10:42


The various forms that you will need are available from church bookshops. Alternatively you can prepare your own forms based on the specimen given in Appendix 1 of the CRRs. If you prepare your own, it is important that the forms contain all of the detail prescribed in Appendix 1. A pro-forma of this and other forms that you may need is available in the attachments below.


The date that governs the preparation of the new Electoral Roll is that of the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). At least two months before the date of your APCM, form SG3, which is used to give notice of the preparation of a new roll, must be affixed on or near the principal door of every church and place of worship in your parish. This notice must be displayed for a period of at least 14 days.


The person(s) conducting every service held on each of the two Sundays during this 14 day period must inform the congregation that a new roll is to be prepared. (If there are no services held in a particular church on those two Sundays, the announcement must be made on the first Sunday on which a service is held after the notice is affixed).


Each person who wishes to have their name entered on the new roll should complete a form SG1 – again this is set out in Appendix 1 of the CRRs: these forms are available at church book shops or you may, if you wish, prepare your own as above.


The PCC is required to take all reasonable steps to inform every person whose name appears on the previous roll that a new roll is to be prepared.


The new roll must be completed not less than 15 days nor more than 28 days before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM). Once complete, it must be exhibited on or near the principal door continuously for at least 14 days prior to the APCM. During this period, errors or omissions may be corrected but no names may be added until after the end of the APCM.


If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Church House on 01332 388650 or e-mail finance@derby.anglican.org


With kind regards


Nigel Sherratt


102: Whittington, St Bartholomew

p66: Reader PTO, Patricia Bottomley has retired





93: Chesterfield, Holy Trinity

p61: New warden: Mrs Claire Thurstan, Common Lane, Cutthorpe, Chesterfield, S42 7AN. Tel: 01246 231336

102: Whittington, St Bartholomew

P66: New Churchwarden: Marilyn Trueman, 2 Aviemore Close, Chesterfield, S43 2AY, 01246 450181. Email: grahamtrueman@btinternet.com


320: Hatton, All Saints

p149: Please remove reader Mrs Mandy Cairns


This weeks amends to the Directory

234: Mugginton and Kedleston, All Saints

P119: Churchwarden G Parsons new phone number - 07570 790871

Here are this weeks amends to the Diocesan Directory

102: Whittington, St Bartholomew

P66: Mrs Pamela Woolley (Church Warden) new address: 10 Old Bakery Close, Old Whittington, Chesterfield, S41 9JN

Remove Mrs Caroline Swift as Churchwarden.

Remove Mr Tim Swift as Treasurer and replace with Mr John Taylor, 9 Pettyclose Lane, Tapton, Chesterfield, S41 0TJ, 01246 278912 email: johnrtaylor@btinternet.com


Below are all the amends to the Diocesan Directory this week. Please update your copy as required.

11: Somercotes, St Thomas

P20: Churchwarden Mrs Rachel M. Watson please amend email to terence.watson786@btinternet.com


An Indian Odyssey, 8th to 25th Nov. 2012

This 19 day tour (8th to 25th Nov. 2012) to a land where culture and religion are still inextricably linked will include, among other things, time in the capital Delhi, Agra where we will worship with the local Christian community in the cathedral, the best fort/palaces of Rajasthan, a visit to the Bishnoi tribal villages where this ancient Rajasthani peoples hold all nature sacred, a temple of the Jains who believe in the sanctity of all sentient life and two days in Ranthambore wildlife reserve. For a full brochure please contact Revd Peter Paine, 01704 809517,peterspaine@gmail.com .


Pilgrimage Retreat to Iona with The Revd Rob Marshall

Monday 8th April – Friday 12th April 2013 (£493 in a twin room) single rooms available

This is a chance to experience a pilgrimage in a special break to the island of St Columba. It offers space for reflection, time for prayer and discovering the meaning of pilgrimage.Included: 1 Night in a Glasgow Hotel; 3 stay in Iona retreat house, Half Board (breakfast & dinner) on three nights, return travel (by coach, train and ferry) between Glasgow and Iona, all talks and visits. For brochures and further information please contact LTG on T: 01992 579697 / E: info@livingthegospel.co.uk or visit www.livingthegospel.co.uk .Rob Marshall has been leading pilgrimages to Iona for over a decade and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day.





Vocations Roadshow, United Church of All Saints, Stanley Common, 4 September, 7pm - 9pm

A warm invitation to anyone in the early stages of seeking their vocation , we offer a space to explore, listen, pray and ask questions, all without obligation. If you think you might be interested, then we invite you to set aside this afternoon, and join us to help discern what God might be calling you to do in His Church.


Funeral Ministry training part 2, St John's Walton, 6 October 10.30 - 3.30pm

For more information please contact Fiona Bennett fiona.bennett@derby.anglican.org

Below are all the amends received to the Diocesan directory this week. Please update your copy as required.

10: Shirland, St Leonard

p19 please add David Hadfield (Reader) 6 Dale Close, Stonebroom, Alfreton, DE55 6LL


The Grievance Procedure was introduced when the new form of tenure, Common Tenure was implemented on January 31 2011. The procedure is designed to ensure that office holders have a way of raising their concerns that is confidential and fair. Ideally these should be aired and resolved quickly to the satisfaction of all concerned without the need to recourse to formal proceedings. On occasions where this is not possible this procedure will ensure that matters are dealt with promptly, fairly and consistently.

It must be stressed that reconciliation is a desired outcome, but never at the expense of failing to deal adequately with the issues raised.  

The Diocese undertakes to train all those who will be involved in administering the Grievance Procedure so that they may properly fulfil the requirements of the procedure and the principles that underlie it. Further details on the procedure and the Diocesan approach may be found in Section 9 of the Clergy Handbook (Common Tenure)

Copies of the Grievance Procedure Code of Practice and the supporting guidelines may be obtained via the web link: http://www.churchofengland.org/clergy-office-holders/common-tenure.aspx

The Clergy Handbook (Common Tenure) supplements the information contained in the Statement of Particulars document, which is issued to office holders within one month of commencing appointment.

The handbook is in sections for ease of reference and each section may be accessed by clicking on the attachments below.

The handbook is dynamic and so if there is any content that you think it would be useful to add please contact Jackie Croft at: jackie.croft@derby.anglican.org.


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