Update: 16 September 2019

Nadine Waldron, the diocesan registrar, writes:

I have now had an update from Dr Sandra Millar, Head of Life Events, at the National Church Institutions, to the effect that no start date has yet been set for the commencement of the new rules relating to registration of marriages.  We have, therefore, cancelled the sessions which were due to take place at the end of October.  When we know that the new rules are to be introduced and when, we will arrange further sessions and let you all know.

For the moment, please continue with marriage registration in the normal way.  


20 August 2019

Nadine Waldron, the diocesan registrar, writes:

Major Changes to the Registration of Marriages

As I'm sure many of you will be aware, an Act of Parliament has recently been passed to introduce major changes to the way marr ia ges are to be registered. The Regulations to give precise details of the changes have not yet received parliamentary approval, although the Archbishops' Faculty Office has intimated that the Government wants the new syste m to be operative from 2nd December 2019. That is the date we must work to, even though it is not, as yet, the confirmed start date.

The new method of registration will be very similar to that which has been operating in Scotland and Northern Ireland for a long time. I am assured by a member of our clergy who ser ved for a number of years in Scotland, that it is not something to be frightened of! It will, however, mean the end of our marriage registers and their replacement by a 'Marriage Document'. The couple will be responsible for taking that Document to the civil registrar within seven days of the marriage. Someone can do this on their behalf, but it won't be the priest's responsibility to ensure that is done.

Banns, Common Licences, Special Licences and a Superintendent Registrar's Certificates (SRC) will continue, as will Qualifying Connections, although the usual two SRCs will be replaced by a single one. At present, I only have a rudimentary knowledge of the proposals but I am assured I will be trained as soon as practicable. In the hope that I will have received training in September, the Mission and Ministry team are planning three workshops across the Diocese when I will be able to explain the process in more detail. It is hoped that these will be at:

a) in the Peak Deanery
b) Danesmoor
c) Derby City

Dave King, our Media Officer, will make sure there is something on the Diocesan website, e·news and Facebook and, eventually, we shall try to have Questions and Answers on the website.

In the meantime, please be aware of the fact that changes are coming in and please do your best to attend one of the workshops. Don't panic; go through your normal procedure for banns or whatever the marriage preliminaries are in any individual case; warn your marriage couples that changes are coming in and that they may need to register their 'Marriage Document' at the civil Register Office.

Kat and Ellie, from the Mission  and  Ministry  Team,  will  be in  touch with details of the workshops.

Curates in IME phase 2

matt barnesThe director of Mission and Ministry, the Revd Canon Matt Barnes, is currently responsible for the training of curates and their training priests in the Diocese of Derby.

The Curacy Handbook contains useful information for both curates and their training incumbents along with the training programmes for each. It is updated each Petertide.

Click here to download the curacy handbook 2019 (revised 2.1.2020) [PDF]




CMD and applications for CMD grant

matt barnesThe director of Mission and Ministry, the Revd Canon Matt Barnes, has responsibility for the CMD programme for clergy and for authorising applications for CMD grants.

The application form was revised in 2019. Please note applications should be made on the new form and in advance of the event rather than retrospectively.

Download the CMD grant application form (Word doc)


Application forms should be sent directly to Marietta Forman at Derby Church House or by email to marietta.forman@derby.anglican.org

If you have any queries, do please get in touch with Marietta on 01332 388673.


Applications for Sabbaticals and Study Leave

The Guidelines and applications form have recently been revised. 

If you are interested in applying for a Sabbatical or Study leave in 2020, do get in touch with Matt Barnes by the end of Feb 2020 to allow sufficient time to meet with him to plan and prepare your application for submission in June 2020. Appointments can be arranged through Marietta Forman tel 01332 388673. 

The process is set out in the Sabbatical and Study Leave Guidelines (Word doc).

All applications will be considered at the Bishop's Staff meeting in June.


Other sources of funding

Clergy seeking funding for personal development or for academic courses might also consider applying to Lichfield Theological College Trust: Please note that Application Forms for grants from the Lichfield Theological College Trust must be submitted via The Revd Canon Matt Barnes, to be counter-signed before they are sent to the Trust.

Download the Lichfield funding form for personal development (Word doc)

Download the Lichfield funding form for academic courses (Word doc)

It is also worth looking at the following sites:

ministry bursary awards ecclesiastical.com/insights/ministry-bursary-awards/

Downloadable forms for Training Incumbents are available here

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