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Defending Faith - a sermon preached at Westminster Abbey on Sunday 20 February 2011

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Christmas and Cuts

Most people tend to associate Christmas with giving.  We give gifts to family and friends, we give time to be with particular people. We give hospitality.  In a real sense we also give peace a chance – that is the effect of the season of goodwill.

And, the more we give, the more we tend to get back in love, appreciation, quality of being with others. 

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Lord Jesus my Saviour, let me now come to thee.
My heart is cold; O Lord warm it with thy selfless love.
My heart is sinful; cleanse it by thy precious blood.
My heart is weak; strengthen it by thy joyous spirit.
My heart is empty; fill it with thy divine presence.
Lord Jesus, my heart is thine; possess it always and only for thyself.
(after St Augustine)

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The Mission Fund exists to support MMAs and parishes in the funding of mission opportunities and initiatives. It is hoped that such investment will enable churches to be more effective in engaging with their communities and sharing God’s love with them.


The Panel is willing to consider a wide range of applications, both for ‘one off’ events and for the appointment of staff. In recent years, successful applications have included :


  • ‘Songs of Praise’ at Carsington Water
  • ‘Pop Connection’ which draws together the church in Belper with its local Schools
  • Resources to establish ‘The Gates’, a pioneer project reaching young people in Chesterfield
  • Fresh Expressions work across the diocese
  • Youth Workers in Wirksworth and in Long Eaton
  • A Development Worker in Danesmoor



The money for the Fund is provided by the Church Commissioners’ Parish Mission Fund. They are not able to make a long term to ensure such ongoing funds but have guaranteed funding being available until 2013.


The Mission Fund Panel meets twice a year to consider applications, usually in May and October. Guidelines and criteria for applications, plus the application form, are available from Bishop Humphrey’s Office. Applications should be sent to Bishop Humphrey, who chairs the Panel, at least 14 days before the Panel meets

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The extract below is PART I  - INTRODUCTORY of the Capability Procedure Code of Practice, to be introduced under Section 8 of the Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Measure 2009 and Regulation 31(3) of the Ecclesistical Terms of Service Regulations 2009.

For a full copy of the Capability Code of Practice and Supporting Guidance please go to: http://www.commontenure.org 

For a copy of the Measure and the Regulations referred to above and below please also use the web-site link above.  


2.  The purpose of the capability procedure is improvement

2.1 The principal objective of a capability procedure is to help office holders whose performance falls below an acceptable minimum standard to improve in cases where the issues are not disciplinary in nature. It is expected that most performance-related matters will be identified and addressed informally without engaging this procedure. Nevertheless there will be occasions where informal steps are not appropriate and in such cases it will be necessary to implement the procedure. If an improvement in performance cannot be achieved through the capability procedure, there is a real possibility that the office holder will be removed from his or her current office, but only as a last resort.

2.2 Capability is demonstrated by the execution of the duties of a particular office to an acceptable minimum standard over a sustained period of time. It is about both what an office holder does and how he or she does it.

2.3. In assessing what is an acceptable minimum standard, the requirements of the post should be taken into account along with the more general requirements of the Canons, the Ordinal, and the Ecclesistical Offices (Terms of Service) Measure and Regulations 2009.

2.4 Lack of capability in one particular office does not neccessarily mean that the office holder is not capable of exercising any ministerial function. Removal from one particular office on capability grounds does not remove a cleric from holy orders or disqualify him or her from being apppointed to another office. Regulation 29 (1)(e) of the Ecclesiatical Offices (Terms of Service) Regulations 2009 provides a means whereby a cleric who has been removed from one office on capability grounds may be appointed to another office on a probationary basis.

2.5 Except in the elimited circumstances prescribed in Canon C8.2, clerics are unable to carry out any ministerial function without authority from the bishop. Before granting a licence or permission to officiate to clergy who have been removed from office for their incapability, or instituting them to a benefice, the bishop should satisfy himslef that their new duties are demonstrably different in nature from those of the previous post or that there is some other good reason why the previous lack of capability is no longer an issue.


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For further information on any of the vacant parishes listed (except where indicated), please contact the Bishop of Derby’s office, pa@bishopofderby.org, 01332 840132.

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Youth Worker for St Peter's, Littleover

Closing date: 7 June 2010

Start date: September 2010

See below for full details and how to get further details and/or an application form.

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help me please

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Church school inspections must take place within 8 weeks of the Ofsted inspection and are paid for by the DCFS.

A self evaluation toolkit has been produced by The National Society to aid the preparation for inspection of staff and governors.

The inspection has to be carried out by trained inspectors and lasts one school day.

For further details on what you can expect from your inspection read the protocol.

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Chaplaincy Centre, Queens Hall, London Road, Derby, DE21 2QQ. (01332) 361359
admin@derbyshirechaplaincies.org.uk and imd01@queenshall.plus.com

Chairman: The Rev’d Dr John Davies     Ang
Treasurer: Mr Humphrey Boam, 4 Stafford Crescent, Wirksworth, DE4 4AX.
 (01629) 823585. boam@w3z.co.uk. (Company Accountant)   Ang
Interim Principal Industrial Chaplain:
  The Rev’d Harold Dobbin      Ang
Senior Industrial Chaplain: (St Gobain - Stanton)  
  The Rev’d Canon Ian Gooding      Ang
Administrative Officer: 
  Mr Philip Johnson, 16 Washford Road, Hilton, DE65 5HN.
  admin@derbyshirechaplaincies.org.uk, imd01@queenshall.plus.com Meth
Spirituality of Work Network (SOWN) and Chaplaincy Hub Co-ordinator:
  Dr Paul White, 11 Knoll Close, Littleover, DE23 3SG.
  (01332) 513284. imd02@queenshall.plus.com   Meth

Associate Chaplains:

The Rev’d Miles Mitson, Rolls Royce
1218 London Road, Alvaston,
Derby DE24 8QL. 07896 176458
miles.mitson@Rolls-Royce.com Meth

Mr Nigel Selby, Rolls Royce, 01332 768782
nandjselby@talktalk.net Ang

Mr James Lindsay
25 Hawke St, Derby DE22 3DQ, National Rail Chaplaincy
07841 985769
james.lindsay@midlandmainline.com Railway Mission

The Rev’d Tony Luke, Derby County Football Club, Ang, 01332 792658, tonyluketenor@aol.com
Mrs Ann Hodcroft,Derby Playhouse,01773 823607
hodcroft@talktalk.net  Ang

The Rev’d Frances Blood
2a Nursery Close, Borrowash,
Derby, DE72 3HT,Celanese,01332 670587
frances.blood@zoom.co.uk Meth

Mr Michael Hughes
1 Hady Crescent,
Chesterfield, S41 0EB Sheepbridge Ind. Estate/Chesterfield Centre for Further Education 01246 203277 RC

Mr Graham Hind
16 Tresillian Cl, Darley Abbey, Derby, DE22 2AG,Agricultural Chaplain -West Derbyshire 01332 602124 
Derby Community Church Derby Community Church

Mrs Sheena Bryden Ashbourne Airfield Estate   Ang

The Rev’d Derek Beech Somercotes Health Centre
& Westfield Centre  Ang

The Rev’d Ian Worrall
2a Balmoral Close, Littleover,
Derby, DE23 6DY Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, Derby
 01332 342814
ian.worrall3@ntlworld.com Meth

Capt. Sean Andrews Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service, Derby  Ang

Mr Tony Benson
3 Mercian Mews, Spondon,
Derby DE21 7FA Westfield Centre 01332 665145 SA

The Rev’d Dr Moira Biggins
11 Edward Street, Derby, DE1 3BR EMA Chaplaincy Team 01332 200592 Meth

Mrs Linda Sandars
3 Wilson Road, Chaddesden,
Derby DE21 4NA ASDA Spondon 01332 676610 Meth

Mr Alan Winfield
6 Irvine Close, Stenson Fields,
Derby, DE24 3HS Derby Mountain Rescue Service Winfield288@btinternet.com Ang

The Rev’d Dr John Davies Derby Magistrates Court  Ang 01332 862347 jhd@rdplus.net


Police Chaplains (police@derbyshirechaplaincies.org.uk):

A division 

Ripley The Rev’d Richard Styles, 175 High Lane West, West Hallam, Ilkeston,
    DE7 6HP. (01159 324258)      Meth
 Ilkeston:   The Revd Geoff Halliday        
 Long Eaton: Vacant

B Division 

Ashbourne: The Revd Mair Bradley, 4 Ordish Ave Chaddesden, Derby,
    DE21 6QF. mairbradley@googlemail.com  (07887) 620130  URC
 Matlock:  The Revd Lynette Houghton, 14 Lums Hill Rise Matlock DE4 3FX
   01629 584443. lynette.houghton@methodist.org.uk   Meth
 Chapel-en-le-Frith:  The Rev’d John Baines 
 Bakewell: The Rev’d John Paul Hoskins

C Division  

Chesterfield HQ: The Revd Tony Bell
Bolsover: The Rev’d Ian Falconer, 70 Lowgates, Staveley, Chesterfield
   S43 3TU. 01246 471913. frianfalc@yahoo.co.uk    
Dronfield: The Revd Nigel Bibbings 25 Holmesdale Rd Dronfield S18 2FA
   01246 412303 revbibbings@btinternet.com  Methodist
D Division

Divisional HQ: Vacant 
    Fr Bill Naylor, St Joseph’s Presbytery Burton Road Derby DE1 1TJ
    info@st.josephderby.fsnet.co.uk. 01332 343777.    RC
Peartree: The Rev’d Ian kemp, 75 Field Rise, Littleover, Derby DE23 7DF 
    01332 770964  ian.kemp@methodist.org.uk    Meth
 Littleover: The Rev’d Lindsay Kemp, 75 Field Rise, Littleover, DE23 7DF
    01332 770964. l.dkemp@btinternet.com    Meth
Swadlincote: Deacon Roger Hensman, 9 Lincote Way, Swadlincote,
      DE11 8DW. 01283 217168       Meth
 Derby North: The Rev’d Mair Bradley      URC


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The ISA briefing dates are approaching with free places are available on the ISA Briefing for Clergy, Churchwardens, Parish CPC's and Employees of Parish or Diocese responsible for the recruitment of paid and volunteer posts.  The briefing aims to provide up-to-date information on the new vetting and barring system and how this affects the current CRB process from July 2010 onwards.  It will identify those regulations that are mandatory by law and those advisory within the Diocese.  It will give information on the implementation dates for particular groups of workers

Thursday 22nd April 2010 atSt Alkmund's Church Derby, 7.15 for 7.30-9.00pm

Wednesday 28th April 2010 at St Johns Church, Buxton, 1.45 for 2.00 - 3.30pm

Monday 17th May at St THomas's Church, Chesterfield, 7.15 for 7.30-9.00pm

Thursday 27th May 2010 at St Matthews, Darley Abbey,  1.45 for 2.00 - 3.30pm

To book in, please download the attachment and follow the instrcutions, but if you are too late, just turn up!

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Project Fund Guidance

The Project fund comes from the Diocesan Budget and is supplemented by gifts from parochial organisations. Recipient organisations are shown in the Council’s minutes and in the Annual Report.

Applications are welcomed from churches and church partnerships in Derbyshire.

Priorities will be given to

  • Start up grants to voluntary organisations working in social justice/social care/community development or regeneration.
  • Groups with special needs or communities experiencing significant deprivation.
  • Work in keeping with the priorities set by the Council for Social Responsibility.

Groups need to operate within the Derby Diocese geographically (approximately Derbyshire).

Maximum grant is £1000.

Where grants are made, receipts and the next annual report will be requested and the group may expect to receive a follow up visit from a member of the Council for Social Responsibility.

Decisions are made quarterly as applications come in.

If no constitution is provided please state how the initiative is managed and who the responsible body is.

We are grateful for the donations made by various Christian Groups across the Diocese which have supplemented this fund in recent years. Donations can be made to the FiA office, cheques payable to “Derby Diocesan Board of Finance”.


Please download the application form here: {docs}project-fund{/docs}

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Please use the form on the left to Login.


If you don't have a password yet, please contact: communications@derby.anglican.org



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