Monday, 08 June 2020 12:30

Risk assessments for children's and youth work

Why do I need to do it?

It might seem like an additional piece of paper/admin, but the reality is that IF there was to be a serious accident, a court of law could want to know what precautions you had put in place to help prevent such an accident.

You cannot completely eradicate risk, obviously, but the law requires us to protect people as far as “reasonably practicable”.

Having a completed risk assessment in your file is one way that you could show that you had done this. (Of course you need to act on it too!)

How will I do it? 

Simply download the advice pack below and follow the easy to use guidelines.

Download Risk Assesment Advice for Youth Childrens Groups in the Diocese of Derby [PDF]

Download a simple risk assessment form [PDF]

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